Basics on applying eye shadow + methods

We all know that eye makeup for all eyes is not the same, it differs with shape, color and… and each eye can work with different methods on them.

People use shadows to make their eyes more beautiful and prominent and to improve their appearance. In this article, we will tell you what makeup is suitable for each eye shape and how they should be done.

What is the importance of eye shadow?

Before starting makeup, you should first pay attention to the shape of the eye and then apply eye makeup. The eye is considered to be the main organ of the face and you can add to its beauty and attractiveness by using a suitable and desirable makeup, and this is done only when you are familiar with the different eye shapes and know that What makeup is right for your eyes and what shade combination should you use for it. Is the shape of your eyes almond or round? You can change the look of your eyes with the help of colored lenses, mascara, change of eyebrow style and adding eyelashes, and this is very easy. It is recommended that you use eye shadow, and as everyone knows, the easiest way to make your eyes look more attractive is to use eye shadow.

Different types of eyes

Round eyes

For people with round eyes, it is recommended to start the eyeliner from the inner corner of the upper eyelid and then continue it to the end of the eyelid and draw it out of the eyelid like a straight line. You can also use a small cat eyeliner. After this, you should lighten under the brow bone and use a light shade for the inner corner of the eye. You can use a shadow with medium colors to show the contrast between the parts of the eye and then gently pull it to the top of the eyelid. At the end of the work, you should choose a shade with a dark color and draw it thicker in the continuation of this shade. It is recommended that you do not overdo it. After doing this, you have to pull the drawn shadow out of the part again and bring it to the middle of the eye and mix it. This will shape the eyelid.


Single eyelid eyes

Primer plays an important role in the makeup of this eye model. First, you should apply the primer on the eyelid surface. And use a dark shade for the outer corner of the eyelid and create a frame through it. This will make the eye more prominent from other parts of the face. You can also use cat eye makeup for this form of eye.


Large eyes

If you have round or even large eyes, you can use different methods. Specific lines should be used to apply makeup to this form of eyes. The use of clear lines makes the natural shape of the eye visible, and the use of dark shadows adds to its largeness. To make this eye shape, you are offered shades with different colors that you can use in various shapes.


Small eyes

It is undeniable that all human beings are interested in big eyes and desire to have them, but there are many people who do not have big eyes. Not having big eyes isn’t a bad factor nor does it mean that small eyes are not beautiful. Small eyes also have their own beauty but If you are one of those people who have small eyes and you want to make it big, you should first avoid drawing certain lines around your eyes. You can use a wide pen to draw shadows for eye makeup. Drawing a smoky shadow that does not have clear lines will make your eyes look bigger and enlarges the overall shape of your eyes.


Almond eyes

Almond eyes may be very deceptive to many people. It is recommended to use the round eye make-up technique for almond eye make-up, but you should follow the shape of your eyes for shading.


Eyes with downward corners

People with an eye shape with downward corners are advised not to lift their ends up at all. How to use eyeliner in this type of eye is very important. For makeup, you should first use the same technique as for almond or round eyes and use a shadow to lighten it. Unlike shadows, dark eyeliner should be used. After finishing the shadow, you should start the eyeliner from the corner of the eye and extend it to the end of the eye. Curve high.


Sunken eyes

Round eyes technique should also be used for deep/sunken eyes. But you should be careful to use very little dark shade. People tend to use dark shadows to give their eyes a bulge, but this is wrong and will not happen with dark shadows. With the help of a smoky shadow, the mystery and attractiveness of this form of the eye can be highlighted.


Eyes set close together

For these people, a style of makeup should be chosen that increases the distance between the eyes. We start with a light shade under the brow bone. When shading the inner corners of the eyelid, we should follow the round eye technique, but there is a difference, and that is in the shadow foundation. To do this, we must use a shadow with a medium color and continue shading beyond the width of the eye. After finishing this, we must use a shadow with a darker color and continue shading from the top of the shadow we applied before. This will increase the contrast. When applying eyeliner, it should start from the middle of the eyelid. It is recommended that the eyeliner be extended beyond the width of the eye and drawn as a straight line.


Eyes with drooping eyelids

People with drooping eyelids have an extra layer of skin under their eyebrows – this extra layer falls on the eyelid, which makes the eyelid look smaller. For this group of people, it is recommended not to use light shadows for lightening at all, and it is enough to use shadows for the corners of the eyelids. After this, a dark shade should be used for the lower part of the eyelid. After finishing this work, it is necessary to use a dark shade around these lines. This will cause the eyes to take on a round shape. Finally, you will have to extend the eyeliner more than the eye, and this will cause it to be balanced.


Mono lid eyes

This type of eye is one of those eyes that has a smooth surface between the eyes and eyebrows. The most suitable makeup for this form of eyes is a makeup that makes the eyes appear bigger and heavier. First you have to lighten the beginning of the eyelid with a shadow, it is better to do this excessively. Continue this shadow towards the outside of the eye, then use a shadow with a medium color for the top of this shadow. Continuing this shadow to the end of the eye causes the eyes can be seen more round. Use a very dark and light shade of dark color. Be careful that this shade should not exceed the middle of the eye. For this form of eye, a thin eyeliner should be drawn and slightly thickened at the end.


Prominent eyes

For people with prominent eyes, it is recommended not to apply shade to the lower eyelid or the corners of the upper eyelid, and only lightening under the brow bone is sufficient. To shade this form of the eye, you should do the same as the eye shadow technique of drooping eyelids, and a medium and heavy color shade is a very suitable option for its makeup. In this form, in addition to the top of the eyelid line, you should also shade the bottom of the eyelid. The eyeliner suitable for this form is a heavy eyeliner that starts from the corner of the eye and continues to the end of the eye and is drawn completely smooth and straight. You can make the eyeliner a little thicker because darkening the eye reduces its protrusion.


Downward-sloping eyes

The most suitable shade for this eye is a matte, light and soft shade and it should be used for the outer two thirds of the eye. Applying shadow to the outer corner of the eye will pull the eye up.


Oblique eyes facing upwards

For this type of eye shape, you only need to use a dark shade and use it for the outer corner of the upper eyelid. This will create a balance in the form of this eye shape.



It is recommended that you use a primer before you start eye makeup. Primer helps your makeup last longer and without any shedding. By reading and paying attention to the text above, you will realize that the use of glossy shades and bright colors and color contrast should be abandoned and replaced by matte shades and while you control the shape with light and dark colors.

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