Cat eyelash extensions

Cat eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a way to thicken and style lashes; which in nature are not long enough, thick and good-looking. Eyelash extensions are done in several classic, volume and hybrid methods. Nowadays, cat eyelash extensions have been added to eyelash extension models and have found many fans, especially among celebrities.

As mentioned, hybrid extension is a type of popular hybrid eyelash extension. Some people like to have thicker lashes than classic extensions, but they do not like the large volume of lashes and their abnormality; that is why they choose the hybrid method. The combination of hybrid eyelash extensions and cat extensions is very attractive and is very suitable for those who have round eyes and tend to have long eyelashes yet at the same time want their eyelashes to look natural.

In this extension, a combination of half to half single lashes and voluminous lashes is used, and with an interesting combination, the lashes are planted on the lash line. This interesting combination creates a kind of partial irregularity in the extension, which makes the lashes look natural.

With hybrid extension, you will achieve a complete and textured eyelash line. This method of eyelash extension is very popular among celebrities; because it attracts attention and makes their face makeup more different. Cat eyelash or cat eyelash extensions are often suitable for women with round eyes; because the form will make their eyes look more elongated.

Nowadays, due to the different methods of eyelash extensions, you will no longer have any worries about the appearance of your eyelashes, and there are suitable methods any model of eye. Cat eyelash extensions include short strands. The longer the eye, the longer its extension will be. But as we said, this method is suitable for people with round eyes; because it balances the condition of the eyes and creates a beautiful appearance. Also, cat eyelashes can make the eye shape look smaller and a little flattering.

Recently considered cat eye style starts with very short eyelashes from 4 to 5 mm in the inner corner and ends with long and angled eyelashes 10 to 12 mm for the corner. Externally used eyelashes create a beautiful and strange appearance that has never been seen before.

Cat eyelash extensions start from the inner corners of the lashes that are short and round, which is 5 to 6 mm height, and you can also design the outer corners with 9 to 10 mm lashes. Due to the beautiful and stretched front, it creates a special appearance on the face and makes the beauty of the eyes unique.

Eyelash extensions in the outer corner of the eye

You can use 9 to 10 mm lashes at the end, which shows the outer part is full. One of the disadvantages of this type of action is the heavy lashes

Extra feminine appearance eyelash extensions with short volume

From the inner corners of the eyes, which are very short and attractive, you can use 3 to 6 mm lashes, and use the outer and short corners, which are short and sharp, with a maximum length of 9 to 10 mm. Short lengths are great for eye-catching eyeliner, and this set of extensions is great for clients with short, brittle lashes.

How to create a cat eye extension?

You start with short eyelashes. If you use eyelashes that are shorter than usual for a cat’s eye, it will create a beautiful shape for you due to its density, and it is suitable for almost any type of natural eyelash.

You might say that we should use seven-mile lashes for the inner corners of the eyes, but in this type of extension, to create a beautiful and dazzling look, we should use eyelashes with shorter lengths, which include eyelashes of 5 to 7 miles.

Why cat eyelash extensions?

There are various methods of eyelash extensions available for different types of eyelid shapes. With this in mind, will using a cat eyelash extension model fit your eye shape and style? It is up to you to choose the extension style, and although there are differences between the styles, you can get help from your beautician to find the right style or look you want. Certainly, buying and using artificial eyelashes directly will expose you to many risks; therefore, it is always best to consult an eyelash specialist for extensions.

 Suitable candidates for cat eyelash extensions:

Most people who have close-set eyes are good candidates. This method gives a smoky and elongated appearance to the eyelids, which will highlight such a feature of the eyes. Women who have strong eyelashes also consider cat extensions desirable; because it expands the thickness of the natural lashes, which ultimately gives them a pleasant and radiant natural appearance.

Celebrities who use cat eyelash extensions

This technique can make round-eyed women naughty and at the same time lush. Angelina Jolie’s look at Maleficent in the movie of the same name clearly reflects the charm of cat eyelashes. She also uses this style when appearing in the press and is rarely seen without it. Another famous person is pop star Taylor Swift. Taylor naturally has round eyes, but cat eyelashes make them look thin and loose. This feature will also catch people’s eye quickly.

Volume cat eyelash extensions:

It is an undeniable fact that Russian eyelash extensions are always at the forefront of the latest eyelash extensions. Their hard work to achieve perfection in this beauty line has made them one of the world’s unique pioneers in this field. As you know, cat eyelash extensions are the most classic model of eyelash extensions. Cat eye style has shorter lengths inside the eye that gradually extends to the long lashes in the outer corner of the eye, which shows the shape of the cat eyelash line. Volume eyelash extensions are one of the types of extension models. In this method, two to five artificial eyelashes are placed on each natural lash line. With this method, your eyelashes will be shown more voluminous.

Volume eyelash extensions are lighter and more durable. In the cat eyelash extension method, as the name implies, two to five artificial eyelash strands are placed on each natural eyelash from the inner corner of the eye. And this process continues to the end of the outer corner of the eye. The closer we get to the outer corner of the eye, the longer the false eyelash strands. To this extension model; it is called Volume cat extension. In Volume cat eyelash extensions, the inner corner is very short (oven B with a length of 3-6 mm) and the outer corner is short (oven L with a maximum length of 9-10 mm). The short length of the eyelashes creates an amazing eyeliner, not to mention that this model is very suitable for customers with short, weak and brittle eyelashes.

How to create a wonderful cat eye map and extension plan?

Start with short lengths. We always use shorter eyelashes than usual for cat eye style because they offer high density and beautiful deformation and are suitable for almost any type of natural eyelash to start using. Do not be afraid of short 5-6 mm. They result in a result you never expected. Use L or M curls to enhance the outer corners of the eye. For customers with thinner or shorter lashes in the outer corner, you can use different curls to enhance Use eyelash length.

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