Classic eyelash extension

Classic eyelash extension

If you want to have a simple and natural beauty, it is better to use a classic eyelash extension. In this method, an extension strand is placed between each natural eyelash. This is why the classic eyelash extension looks more natural and at first glance, it is difficult for others to recognize. Classic eyelash extensions are actually a way to attach a synthetic lash line to a natural lash line. This technique is suitable for clients who have a medium volume of eyelashes and only want to slightly increase the volume of their eyelashes, without looking unnatural. Eyelash extensions actually make your eyeliner bolder and as a result you will no longer need eye makeup. Extensions that are glued to a natural eyelash in this way. They are used in sizes of 0.1, 0.15, 0.18, 0.2 and 0.25. Note that extensions with a diameter of 0.25 can be harmful.

Tips to know and do before classic eyelash extensions:

  • Do not wash your face for several hours before doing this to keep your eyelashes dry.
  • Avoid exercising before eyelash extensions as this will make you sweaty and your lashes will get wet.
  • Be sure to use the bathroom before the extension because you have to work under the eyelashes for at least 3 hours and you cannot use the bathroom when your eyes are covered with glue.

Who is a classic eyelash transplant suitable for?

  • Those who want a more natural look and a very subtle and gentle volume increase. Thin lashes are great for everyday use, and for special occasions you can choose longer, curly lashes.
  • People who have never had an eyelash extension and are not sure if the extension is right for them.
  • Those who have good lashes, but the lashes are angled or very short. Classic extensions on these people can arrange the lashes and give them a little shape.
  • Those who have a busy lifestyle, but on the other hand like to have their eyes always look prominent. If you do not have time to apply makeup, classic eyelash extensions are a good option for you.

What is the classic eyelash extension?

  1. The first step in eyelash extensions is to wash your lashes thoroughly with foam or a special antifungal solution. This material removes any excess oil and particles from the lashes and prepares it for the extension to adhere well. After cleaning, you should use a primer, this will continue the antifungal solution, preparing the lashes to accept the glue. Then wait a minute for the lashes to dry completely, and then apply special pads under the eyes and on the lower lashes to begin the process.
  2. Try to use anti-allergy pads as most organic-based pads are allergenic. Using these pads and extra paper glue, completely cover the lower lashes to avoid spilling glue on them. At this stage, the person should look up and the technician should gently pull the lower eyelid slightly and at the same time stick the pads and adhesives. Make sure that the pad or adhesive tape does not come in contact with the inside of the eyelid as it may irritate and redden the eye. Upon completion, the client should close their eyes so that the technician can place the extensions on the upper eyelid.
  3. Now that the lower lashes are well covered, it is time to use the starter solution. This material also prepares the lashes to receive glue. The type of starter you use should be chosen according to the adhesive you use and the temperature conditions of your work room. Keratein adhesives are high quality and light, do not damage natural lashes and are made of organic materials. In addition, it is good to use natural false eyelashes made of fibers that weigh less and look more natural.
  4. Once the starter is used, it is time to measure for the lashes you want to attach. The technician must select the type of eyelash based on the shape and size of the eye, and the surface and arch of that eye, and then specify on the pad what type of artificial eyelash they wants to use for each part, and again here according to the customer’s taste it will be decided. This measurement and writing it on the pad helps the technician to calculate the work accurately.
  5. Brush the lashes to separate the strands. This is because if two or more strands are intertwined, they become heavy and severely damaged after the artificial eyelashes are attached. Then completely separate one eyelash strand and in the other hand with pliers, dip an artificial eyelash and gently place it on the person’s eyelashes. Hold it for a few seconds with pliers and then release it to make sure the lashes do not stick together. If you know enough about lashes, you can tell which lashes are growing and which lashes are at rest and you need to attach the false eyelashes to the resting eyelashes. In this way, the extension will last up to a month and you will not damage the client’s eyelashes. If you follow these steps carefully and make sure that none of the eyelashes stick together, the result will be a very natural and prominent result.

Post-extension care:

  • Use olive and coconut oil: If your eyelashes are very tight and it bothers you, it is better to use olive or coconut oil, but you should apply very little oil because the whole extension may come off.
  • If this is your first time doing this, it is best not to bathe for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not rinse your face for at least 12 hours after the extension to dry the adhesives, otherwise the adhesive will go into the eye and cause irritation and redness of the eyes.
  • After the extension, go for timely repair, otherwise more eyelashes will fall out and for later repair, you will have to add more eyelashes.
  • Use baby shampoo before going to bed to clean your eyes.
  • Do not massage your face after the extension.

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