Complications of permanent lash line tattoo

  •     What is lash line?
  •     What are the side effects of eyelash tattoo?
  •     Is it possible to get lash lines during pregnancy?
  •     What are the dangers of eyelash tattoos?

In the article “Complications of permanent lash line tattoo”, our school deals with some important examples of lash line tattoo complications. Let us know your questions in the comments section and we will answer as soon as possible.

What is lash line tattoo?

What is lash line tattoo? Lash line tattoo is a regular injection of pigment between the roots of the eyelashes. This is suitable for people with large eyes and short eyelashes. It is better to be familiar with the complications of lash line before getting a one.

Complications of lash line tattoo

It goes without saying that not all people who have passed the hairdressing training course are necessarily considered to be skilled tattoo artists. As a result, in order to ensure the abilities of the tattoo artist, it is definitely recommended that you watch the previous work of the tattoo artist closely and live. Do not forget that any tattoo is a sensitive item with a long-lasting life. So, one small mistake will torment you for a long time.

Our school is holding specialized courses in micro pigmentation training, henna design training, body tattoo training. Lash line is the injection of pigments between the eyelashes to show full lashes.

Special needles are used to perform lash line tattoo , a 1 mm needle is inserted very quickly into the skin of the desired area, which leads to bleeding and eyelid pain. With the perforation of the skin, the pigments enter the skin and the desired design remains permanently under the skin.

Doing a natural lash line tattoo is one of the most sensitive beauty tattoos. Refer to people who have sufficient license and expertise to do eyelash tattoos.

Dangers and complications of lash line tattoo

  • Due to the fact that the lash line tattoo is done close to the eye, if the tattoo is not done by a professional, the eye will be seriously damaged.
  • The use of dyes and high-speed needles can be a serious danger to the eyes.
  • The skin around the eyes, which is part of the sensitive skin, becomes wrinkled by doing weak and unskilled lash line tattoo.
  • If the eyelid is damaged, the eye is also damaged.
  • Eyelash loss, eye infection, transmission of eye diseases and allergies are one of the dangers of lash line.
  • Injected pigments are a chemical containing copper and zinc that have irreparable risks to the eyes and body health.
  • If the tools used for tattoos are not sterile, they are more likely to transmit AIDS, hepatitis, and other diseases.
  • Another danger of lash line tattoo is the risk of excess flesh and discoloration of the tattooed eyelid.
  • Another complication of lash line tattoo is that the pigments injected into the underlying layers of the eyelid skin are not removable. It is impossible to erase the color of the tattoo or the tattoo itself.
  • If the tattoo pigment penetrates too deep into the eyelid, the eye tissue will be damaged.

Lash line tattoo during pregnancy

lash line tattoo

Tattooing is dangerous during pregnancy. During pregnancy, lash line tattoo poses serious risks to the fetus due to the use of chemical pigments. There is also a high risk of eye infections. Due to the swollen eyes during pregnancy, lash line is not recommended because after delivery, the eyes return to their original state and the tattoo will have a whole new shape that is not desired by the client.

If you got a tattoo before pregnancy, the tattoo will fade and lose its original shape due to the stretch of the skin and changes in the appearance of the body.

You can regenerate your desired tattoo after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What should we do after getting lash line tattoo ?

  1. You should not wash the area for 24 hours after the tattoo.
  2.     Avoid exposure to the sun.
  3.     It is best to use a vitamin A ointment three times a day and once a day for 24 hours with hydrocortisone ointment. (Be careful never to apply these two ointments on your eyelids at the same time.)
  4.     Do not separate the created flakes in any way.
  5.     Avoid going to the pool, sauna and Jacuzzi for a week.
  6.     It is better to use ice packs for one day after tattooing.

Ferequently asked question about lash line tattoo

What are the benefits of doing lash line tattoo ?

You always have a neat and tidy appearance. You will not need to use eyeliner and mascara.

How many days does it take for the lashes to heal?

The recovery period of the eyelashes is between three and seven days, and if it is thicker, it may take between seven and ten days. Just remember not to touch your eyes during this time.

Can I take a bath after lash line tattoo ?

Bathing is unobstructed if you do not touch or soak your eyelashes, do not forget it is better to have short and warm showers for two weeks.

Does the eyelash swell after tattooing?

Swelling usually occurs in the first 24-48 hours after doing lash line tattoo , you can use ice packs to eliminate the swelling. Be careful not to put ice on an area for more than ten minutes. It takes an average of 5 days for the swelling to go away.

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