Dermaplaning and facial shaving

  • What are the types of facial shaving methods?
  • What is the best way to shave your face?
  • What is the difference between waxing and depilation?
  • Who is Face threading appropriate for?
  • Which method should we use to remove facial hair?

If you want to get rid of your facial hair. In the article “Dermaplaning and facial shaving”, we have explained what you need to know about facial epilation methods. In addition, our beauty academy offers face and eyebrow threading and waxing training courses.

The best way to remove ladies facial hair

We women are always looking for the best way to remove our facial hair. In other words, choosing the best removing hair method for women is a concern. One of the old and cheapest methods to remove facial hair is face threading, which is a very good and harmless method.

Recently, electric devices have facilitated and accelerated the hair removing process. But some faces become inflamed and get pimple after using a thread, so instead they have to shave their face with a razor to avoid red pimples and skin inflammation.

If you are one of those people who are concerned about the best way to shave your face; do not miss this blog post.

Methods of shaving facial hair


 using tweezers

The best option for removing hair in small areas (such as the chin and between the eyebrows) is to use tweezers. The pain is within the tolerance of all people. If you use tweezers for the whole face, it will take you a long time and it will definitely be tedious to pluck all the hair.

Before plucking the hair, make sure the tweezers are clean and clean it with an ethyl alcohol or alcohol swab and let it dry well. Never wash the tweezers with soap and water as there is a risk of peeling and damaging it and exposing it to rusting.


 waxing face

Another very common method is waxing. Using soft wax that is rubbed on a cloth strap. After being placed in the desired area the wax hardens, the hair can be removed from the roots. Waxing the face causes a lot of pain because it removes a lot of hair from the roots in an instant.

Waxing can irritate the skin. Because you may have sensitive skin and due to the use of certain substances on the skin, it can cause damage and inflammation. So, it is not suitable for everyone. If the waxing is not done properly, the hair follicles will be damaged and this will cause inflammation and irritation of the skin, which will lead to subcutaneous hair growth.

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Topical versions

Apart from products available in stores and pharmacies; You can also request a prescription from a pharmacist. Some medicines reduce hair growth. However, in some cases, after stopping the use, the excess hair will come back.

Facial shaving

 facial shaving

Many women use razors to remove facial hair.

This method is painless and easy. Do you think that after shaving the face, the hair becomes thicker? This is not true because the hair follicles are cut in half, although the hair feels rougher and thicker, but in fact only the hair is just sharper.

  • To shave and feel comfortable afterwards, shave your facial hair while bathing or afterwards to make your skin soft and supple.
  •     Use a double-edged razor to trim your face as these razors work best for sensitive areas.
  •     Remember not to rub the razor several times on one area as this will damage your skin.
  •     After shaving, use moisturizing creams.

Face threading

face threading

threading is a common way to get rid of facial hair among women, which can be done by practicing alone at home. In this method, you have to move the thread on the skin with special skill and trap and remove the facial hair.

This method separates the hair somewhat individually but requires less time than tweezers. Removing facial hair with a thread is effective for smaller parts of the face such as between the eyebrows, above the lips and cheeks.


face epilating

Unlike tweezers, which separate the hair individually, epilating machines remove the hair at the same time.

Although this method is painful, but the pain is not as much as waxing, be careful, the more you use the these devises, you will get used to it.

It is recommended not to use epilator to shape your eyebrows and instead use it for chin, face and even armpit hair.

Hair removal cream

hair removal cream on face

The hair removal cream has been almost discarded due to its unpleasant and pungent odor in the past. But now there are odorless creams on the market. Shaving cream removes hair from the surface of the skin. hair removal creams contain chemicals such as calcium thioglycolate and potassium thioglycolate, which break down the disulfide chain in the hair creatine and weaken the hair.

  •     Note that before use, to test for allergies, test it on a small area of ​​your skin.
  •     When using, you should not keep these substances on the skin longer than necessary because it will cause irritation and damage to the skin.



Another method of removing permanent hair is electrolysis. This method uses concentrated heat, which destroys only one hair follicle at a time.

  •     This method is suitable for people who cannot use the laser due to the thinness and blondeness of their hair.
  •     This method sometimes causes a lot of pain.


laser face

Laser is a permanent method to get rid of excess hair. In this method, light is emitted to the skin surface with a certain wavelength, which will be absorbed specifically by the hair follicle. After absorbing light, it turns into heat, which can destroy hair follicles.

The advantage of this method over electrolysis is that it covers a larger surface area while electrolysis involves only one follicle at the time. In fact, these two methods work in terms of covering the surface of the skin, similar in comparison to wax and tweezers.

Laser does not have a positive effect on blonde and pubes. But to stabilize the treatment, you need to repeat it several times until the hair follicles are completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, the cost and pain of the laser method has been high (although some devices have less pain). However, do not forget that this is a permanent method, so it is a long-term investment.

Differences between waxing and depilation

Methods such as waxing, threading and epilator to pull out the hair are called epilation. In this method, the hair is pulled out from the roots, so by damaging the hair follicles, their growth will be delayed.

Depilation is a method of removing hair using razors and shaving creams. In this way, hair regrowth will be faster.

Best time for facial epilation

Perhaps you are wondering when is the best time to remove woman’s facial hair? We must say that there is no specific time to remove your facial hair and you can do it at any time during the day; Wax or laser your facial hair. But for shaving, we suggest that you take action in the morning after waking up and before washing your face, because at this time the skin has its own natural fat, which softens the face and prevents damage.

Which method is more appropriate?

best facial hair removal method

In the depilation method, the hair becomes thicker and even more scattered. Threading and shaving both make the hair thicker. But what makes the difference between the two; is time it takes for hair regrowth.

The best method to remove facial hair include the following:

Face threading

If you have a lot of thick hair, the best way to remove it is to use face threading. To prevent inflammation and red pimples, it is better to use anti-acne mixtures before shaving with a thread.

People whose facial hair is thin but long can also use threading. These people can also use shaving between every 2 times of threading.

Notes before Face threading

  • Make sure to use a clean thread.
  • To prevent allergies and inflammation, apply a small amount of antibacterial solution to your face.
  • To reduce pain, start with the forehead and then work your way up to the sides.
  • After shaving, use anti-swelling gels or creams and ice packs.

How to do face threading

  • In order to face thread, first cut the thread to a length of 50 cm.
  • It is best to clean the yarn using a cotton swab and alcohol.
  • Try not to use spool yarn. Because it causes skin allergies and due to its narrowness, it will also cause cuts and scratches.
  • Tie the two ends of the thread together and make a loop.
  • Clean and disinfect your skin before shaving.
  • Mark the crown of your eyebrow so that it does not enter the eyebrow line when threading.
  • Wrap the thread around your fingers and twist it between the two threads by moving your hand so that it creates a cross, as if you made a butterfly with the thread.
  • Control the thread with your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other, and rotate your right hand clockwise.
  • Place the butterfly shape you made on the excess hair that you want to trim by opening and closing. The direction of hand movement should be opposite to the direction of hair growth.
  • After shaving, use aloe vera gel and rose water to prevent pimples and to cool the skin.

Facial shaving

  • If your facial hair is blond but large, do not worry about it thickening and growing and shave your facial hair.
  • This method is also the best method for those who have oily and prone skin.
  • Note, people whose facial hair is thick, long and dark. The final method and the best choice for them is laser.

Final word

Why should we do dermaplaning?

Because it will get rid of dead skin cells in addition to excess hair. It is also better use after shaving care and cosmetic products after work is done.

Does shaving the face increase hair growth?

No; Shaving excess hair with a razor has no effect on increasing the amount of hair as well as changing the texture and color of the hair. The part of the hair that protrudes from the surface of the skin does not contain any living matter, and therefore shaving it with a razor cannot cause it to thicken.

What should be done to eliminate facial inflammation after shaving?

Using a cold compress is simple and very effective in solving the problem of allergies. Cold treatment lowers skin temperature and reduces nerve activity, so cold compresses are the first choice for immediate relief of redness and itching.

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