The best eye makeup based on eye shape

The secret to the beauty of eye makeup is in choosing the right makeup for the shape of your eyes and the appearance of your face. Your eye makeup can introduce your style and personality to those around you. The eyes are the most prominent and beautiful part of everyone’s face, and almost everyone’s eye size and shape is different. The eye has several different shapes, and each eye shape needs its own makeup to multiply their beauty. Smoky eye makeup may be catastrophic for one eye form, but amazing and seductive for another. Knowing the shape of your eyes, you can more easily choose the appropriate or inappropriate makeup for them.

First of all, we must note here that the shape and size of the eye is unique to each person and beautiful for that particular person. Makeup is a way to heighten the current beauty of your eyes and can also give you more confidence. We hope you find yourself more beautiful by reading the following makeup tips and tricks and applying them to your eye makeup.

How to makeup different types of eyes?

In the world of makeup, several basic forms for the eye have been identified. Each eye shape has its own tricks to become more beautiful. If you already know how to do the right makeup for your eyes, then good luck! But if you do not know, there is no need to worry, by studying the following makeup tips, you can learn how to apply makeup to different types of eye shapes.

Eyeliner for different eye types

Round eyes makeup

round eyes

For women with round eyes, the eyeliner should start at the inner corner of the eye and continue to the outer corner. The edges of the eyeliner can be drawn straight or in the shape of a short cat style.

Do not forget that the bone above the eye, which is located below the eyebrow line, must be highlighted with light shadows. Also use light shades in the inner corners of the eyes. Then use medium colors (neither dark nor light) on the bottom of the eyelid to create a little contrast and finally a little darker shade on the top of the eyelid.

Combine the colors from the outside to the middle of the eyelid. Round eyes are easy to make up, but it is better to use the right colors for them to look more attractive. Do not forget to use dark colors in the outer corners, especially smoky, and light shades in the inner corners.

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Close-set eye makeup

closed set eyes

If you have eyes that are close to each other and in fact the distance between your two eyes is less than one eye, the use of light shadow on the bone below the eyebrow line and the inner part of the eyelids is one of the most important makeup tips for this eye shape.

Use a shadow from the middle colors to shade the rest of the eyelid, being careful to go only slightly to the outer corners. Use darker shades to shade the outer corners to make the colors a little stronger. Finally, draw an eyeliner and start from the center of the eyelid and continue as a straight line to the outer corners. With the help of eyeliner, you can balance the eyes shape and style.

Makeup for distanced eyes

distanced eyes

People with this eye shape should not worry about their eye makeup; because the shape of their eyes is very suitable for makeup. There are just a few key points to keep in mind.

The first point is to shape the bridge of the nose, which will improve the overall appearance of your eye makeup. The second point is not to use glossy shadows, these colors increase the distance between the eyes. The third point is the use of darker shadows in the inner corners of the eyes, which makes the distance between the eyes appear less.

The fourth point in the makeup of this eye shape is to widen the eyebrows in the crown of them, this will bring the eyebrows closer together, and the last point is related to the eyeliner, for which a cat shape can be used, but make sure that the eyeliner In this form are short and thick.

Make-up of sunken eyes

sunken eyes

In this eye shape, the eyelids are larger and sunk inward. Eye makeup in this form of eyes will be much easier and more diverse. You just have to be careful not to use makeup that makes your eyes look more sunken.

The same technique can be used to make up the shape of round eyes, with the difference that in this form of eye you have less restrictions on the use of dark shadows.

Almond eyes makeup

 almond eyes

If the shape of your eyes is almond, you are one of the luckiest among all! Almond eyes are the most symmetrical form of the eye. This means that you do not have to work hard to match the eye makeup, which is the main purpose of eye makeup.

It is very difficult to make mistakes in the makeup of this eye shape and you can have an attractive makeup only by applying the key points. When applying eye makeup, do not forget that the shape of your eyes is such that it does not require thick, heavy makeup and it is better to apply it similar to the shape of your own eyes.

For example, draw the eyeliner similar to the almond shape of the eye and do not follow it too far to the outer corners, just imitate the shape of your eye in makeup. Lighten the inner corners and lower bones of the eyebrow line and use more matte colors.

Drooping Eyelid makeup

Drooping Eyelid

This shape of the eye prevents the eyelids from being seen. In applying this eye makeup, you should focus on the eye itself rather than on the eyelids. Use light shadows in the inner corners of the eyes and darker shadows in the outer corners above the eyelid. Draw the eyeliner at the end and do not forget to continue the line to the outer corners of the eye. Keep in mind that the shape of drooping eyes does not need too much shading, this shadow is not visible in any case.

Prominent eyes makeup

Prominent eye makeup is a bit more difficult, when doing the eye makeup you should be careful that the eyes do not look too bright or more prominent than they are. The essential point in highlighting eye makeup is to make it look smaller. Use only a nude shade at the end of the eyelid to fade the redness around the eyes. In matte eye makeup, use matte colors, and for eyeliner, it is better to draw from inside the eye.

Downward eye makeup

downward eyes

In the makeup of this eye shape, you should use a technique that shows the eyes upwards, otherwise your eyes will look sad. You can use the round eye makeup technique to make this eye shape.

The only difference is that you can draw the eyeliner wider. One of the best makeup techniques for this eye shape is to draw the eyeliner from the corner of the eye outwards in a cat-like fashion. Using eye shadow makes the eyes stand out.

Upward eye makeup

upward eyes

In this eye shape, the outer corners are facing up. In the makeup of these type of eyes, you should first divide the surface of the eyelid into two parts, light shadows in the inner corners of the eyes and medium color shadows in the outer corners.

On the outside of the eye, the shadows should be pulled down to maintain balance on the face. This eye shape is very suitable for smoky makeup.

Make-up of single eyelid eyes

single eyelid eyes

The shape of small, single-eyed eyes is more common among Asian women. In this eye shape, the eyes should look bigger and brighter. Lighten the shadow from the inner corners of the eyes to the middle of the eyelids and use medium shadows in the outer corners to the top of the eyelids. This will make the eyes look more round.

Finally, avoid darker shades in the outer corners, but be careful not to use this shade in the middle of the eyelids. Eyeliner and mascara play a more important role in this eye shape and make the eyes look better. In this eye shape, to draw eyeliner, draw a thin line in the inner corners and widen the tail in the outer corners.

Makeup for heavy eyelids

heavy eyelid

The makeup technique for this eye shape should be such that the eyes look lighter. The most important thing in makeup for this eye shape is to not use dark shades. Also, the ends of the eyelids should not be drawn up.

If you do not want your eyelids to look heavier than they already are, use light and soft colors, and for formal occasions and night parties, use slightly darker (medium) colors.

Final word

The eyes are the most important part of the face that have a great impact on the beauty and attractiveness of your face. In order to make facial makeup more beautiful, you should learn the basic eye makeup, and this will be possible by recognizing the shape of the eyes and combining the appropriate colors of the shadows.

In this blog post, we have tried to introduce different eye shapes and tips. Using the right shadow will help make your eyes more beautiful. The important thing to keep in mind is that you must apply primer before eye makeup to keep your makeup long, stable and without shedding.

We also recommend that instead of using dark shades and glossy colors, use matte shades and light colors for your makeup. When choosing the right shade, be sure to pay attention to your skin color and eye color.

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