Eyeshadow for beginners

Eye shadow for beginners

Applying eye shadow is a very professional and precise practice that, if done correctly, will bring stunning beauty to the eyes and to the face in general. If you are not good at applying eye shadow, we suggest you do not miss reading this article.

Light eye shadow tutorial

Today, most women tend to use simple and light makeup to look younger and more natural. In the following, we are going to teach you how to do light eye shadow.

First, use a primer to cover the entire eyelid area. This will help you have cleaner eye makeup and eye shadow will not wrinkle. Then choose a natural eye shadow that is the same color as your skin and apply on the eyelid. To do this, you can use your fingertip or eye shadow brush.

After you have done the eye makeup foundation, you can use a light and shiny shadow color for the central part of the eyelid. Note that the eye shadow color you used in this step should be darker than the previous color.

For the end side of the eyelid, you can use a darker color such as gray or dark brown. Choosing a dark color will make your eyes look bigger and your eyelids will look more beautiful. After applying light and dark shadows on the eyelid, fade them well with a large, clean pen so that there is no border between them. After applying eye shadow, you can use volumizing mascara.

Using volumizing mascara will help you to have more colorful and beautiful eyelashes. If you wish, you can also use artificial eyelashes to make your eyes look fuller. But instead of using Strip lashes, it is better to use stranded false eyelashes to have a more natural look.

It is better not to use eyeliner in light eye makeup. If you want to apply eyeliner, it is better to do this inside the eyelid to give a more natural shape to the eyes. It is better to use mascara on the lower eyelids as well so that the eyes look bigger and brighter.

Learn to fade eye shadow

Fading, lifting, and blurring are attacks used to combine eye shadows. Eye shadow fading is a skill that if used properly, can lead to very good and professional results. To fade the eye shadow, just use a special brush and make sure it is clean. It is better to buy a set of eye makeup brushes for yourself to apply your eye shadow with a few brushes and dedicate a special and clean brush only for fading.

To fade the eye shadow, it is better to use reciprocating movements so that the color of the eye shadow is uniform. Also, it is better to do this easily and do not put any pressure. To fade two different eye shadow colors, it is better to use rotating movements. Do this in the form of small, close-knit circles so that the colors blend well with each other. Once the border between the eye shadows is blurred, the eye shadow fade is finished. You can use this method for the outer corner of the eyelid.

Note that fading requires a high degree of precision and skill that can only be achieved through repetition and practice. Fade the eye shadow so that the border between the two colors is lost but the dark and light eye shadow is visible.

Simple eye shadow tutorial

If you do not have any skills in applying eye shadow, there is no need to worry at all. Fortunately, simple monochrome eye shadows are very fashionable today and many celebrities use this method. To apply a simple eye shadow, all you have to do is choose the desired color from the eye shadow palette according to your taste or the color of your clothes, and apply it on the eyelid with the help of a brush. Since your eye shadow is simple, it is better to use eyeliner. The simplest option for drawing eyeliner is cat eyeliner.

Cat eyeliner, also known as winged eyeliner, is one of the most popular styles. Of course, to draw a cat eyeliner, you will need not only training, but also practice. In the following, we will teach you the steps of drawing a cat/winged eyeliner so that you can become proficient in this work by practicing and repeating.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when drawing eyeliner is the shape of your eyes. First you can apply the foundation of eye makeup and eye shadow and then create the general shape of a cat eye liner. To improve the result, you can first draw the initial shape of the eyeliner with a pencil and then complete it with liquid eyeliner.

You can put a strip of tape under the eyelid and along where the eyeliner is to be drawn, and pull the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye and lift it along the eyelid to reach the outer corner of the eye. As you move towards the end of the eyelid, flatten the eyeliner and when you reach the end, raise the eyeliner parallel to the glue you applied. Finally, lighten the inner corner of the eye with a shade of silver or white; because doing so will make your trailing eyeliner completely bold and clear. Style the lashes with the eyebrow and then apply mascara.

Types of eye shadows

There are different eye shadows for eye makeup that you can use depending on the type of use have for them and your taste. In the following, you will get acquainted with different types of eye shadows.

Matte eye shadow

Matte shadows have no shine and are usually used as a base for makeup and contouring. These shadows do not reflect light and are suitable for shaping the eyes. We suggest that you test the matte shade before buying to make sure its concentration; because some have a creamy texture and some have a drier texture.

Since matte shadows do not affect the shadows you use in the next steps of makeup, it is used for shadow foundation. Of course, the use of matte shadows is not limited to eye makeup; you can also use these cosmetics to shape your eyebrows, which we suggest to you, gray and brown colors. If you want to have a softer and more natural eye makeup, the light color of this type of shadow is the best option for you. Medium and ocher beige is also recommended for people with dark skin.

Semi-matte eye shadow

If you do not like to use matte shadows and on the other hand you do not want your shadow to attract too much attention with glittery shine, it is better to choose a semi-matte shade. Semi-matte shades are located between glossy and matte shades. This type of shadow is more classic than other types of matte shadows and reflects less light than bright shadows. In addition, it is suitable for all ages and all skin types. Semi-matte shadows can be used to create light or deep shadows.

Shiny eye shadow

Glossy eye shadows are often used as highlight for the eyelids. Darker shades of it can be used for a great dark makeup. The advantage of these is that they do not shrink between the wrinkles of the skin and give a more natural look to the makeup. This shade is used in a variety of eye make-up styles, from light to smoky and has a good durability.

Metallic shades

As the name implies, these shades have colors close to metal that are used to apply a natural look. Silver, copper and gold are among the colors of this type of magic shade. The good news is that the warm tonality of the metallic shade makes your skin look fresher and more radiant; so they will be a good choice for your happy days. Metallic shadows make eye makeup more effective and have a certain depth that creates an indescribable effect.

Icy eye shadow

Ice shadows have a high coverage and its crystalline pigments gives a beautiful look to the face. These shades are more practical for young women; because the formulation of these shadows ends up gathering rather easily between the wrinkles of the eyelids and the skin will look old and tired.

Glittery eye shadow

Glittery eye shadows are made of crystals of different sizes that reflect light well. These shades are used to add color to makeup and are best used as a complement to matte shades.

Eye shadow tips

Following the eye shadow tips that we will discuss in the following, will help a lot in making your eye makeup more beautiful.

  • Use white in the eye shadow foundation

Using white on the eyelid as a makeup foundation will help make your eye makeup look more attractive. Just apply white on the eyelid and then apply the desired shade on it.

  • Use blush for eye shadow

These days, monochrome makeup has a very good place in fashion. To do this, you can apply some of the color you use for blush on the eyelids to make your makeup monochrome and harmonious.

  • Use eye shadow in the same color as the eye color

To apply eye shadow, it is better to know the rules of eye makeup first. One of these rules is to match the color of the eye shadow with the color of the eyes. For example, blue with brown eyes and dark colors with green eyes create a beautiful combination.

  • Do eye makeup first of all

It is very likely that the eye shadow will spread to other parts of the face or fall on the bottom of your eyes, it is better to apply eye shadow before applying makeup on your face. By doing this, you can easily correct makeup mistakes by using powder cream in case the makeup spreads or a mistake occurs in it.

  • Notice the label on the shadow palette

When buying eye shadow, pay attention to its ingredients. It is usually not recommended to use shadows that contain talcum powder; because they increase the risk of cancer.

In the eye shadow tutorial for beginners, we talked about several eye shadow styles and also reviewed the types of shadows. If you have any experience with eye shadow, share it with us and other users through the comments section.

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