What is eyebrow Wax and tint

Wax and tint eyebrows

What is eyebrow wax?

If you are always active and constantly looking for an easier way to trim your eyebrows, this method is for you. Eyebrow wax not only tidies up the eyebrows but also creates a fuller and more beautiful look. Wax is the best solution for people with sparse eyebrows because it allows to create a complete and good arch for the eyebrows.

Tips on using eyebrow wax

For eyebrow wax, use a wax that is not too greasy or dull and looks shiny enough. Keep in mind that wax can come off quickly, so it is best to use it gently to prevent inflammation of your skin. Use this method to fill in your eyebrow crevices. Use a stiff, angled makeup brush, then gently apply to your skin on the direction of you eyebrow’s growth side.

The purpose of the wax and threading is to remove excessive and unwanted hair from the roots, which keeps the body free of hair for about 4 weeks and keeps the shape of the eyebrows fresh and beautiful. The threading method uses different types of thread, but the wax is a combination of a special resin with other materials that does not damage the skin while removing the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

Waxing is very fast and is available in most beauty salons, and if you are looking for very clean and sharp eyebrows, this is the best option. If you have thick and messy eyebrows, waxing is the best way to really clean them. It seems that waxing lasts longer than threading, but the fact is that because the wax adheres completely to the skin around the hair and removes more hair with one movement, it makes you feel that the pores become narrower and the hair regrowth takes longer.

This process can be very painful for people with sensitive skin and can cause redness and severe pain. Keep in mind that if you use any product that contains retinol around the eyes, you should not wax your eyebrows. Be careful that the wax is not too hot as your skin does not burn as it will take a few weeks to regenerate.

What is eyebrow tint?

Let’s think in a way that does not involve shaping the eyebrows and trimming them, the only main purpose is to make the eyebrows look full. If you have to fill in the gaps between your eyebrows every day, this eyebrow tinting method can be an acceptable option for you.

Eyebrow tint is suitable for people who have light and balanced eyebrow hair. Eyebrow tint makes your eyebrows look bigger and thicker. In this method, a professional should use a natural and semi-permanent organic dye for your eyebrow hair to improve its shape and width. These results are obtained quickly after tinting.

Remember that the organic dye in question only penetrates the hair follicles and not the skin, so it is not possible to fill, dye or cover bald spots. Therefore, this method is suitable for people who have shaped their eyebrows well and are satisfied with their eyebrows and only want color and thickness for their eyebrows for a long time.

The choice of color is also very important in the eyebrow tint method. Remember that you do not need to use your current hair color in this method. You can consider lighter and darker colors of than your hair for the tint method.

Durability of eyebrow tint method

Eyebrow tint lasts from 1 to 3 months. Also, try to go to reputable and reliable hairdressers and makeup artists to do this method to get the optimal results you want.

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