eyelash extensions aftercare

How to take good care of eyelash extensions?

Maintaining eyelash extensions is a delicate process because if you are not careful you may lose your eyelashes. Eyelash extensions give you a very attractive look and make your daily makeup look much more beautiful. If you want eyelash extensions to look good, you should take care of these and go to the hairdresser for repairs at regular intervals. Eyelash extensions are easy to clean, but you should avoid irritation, infection and other problems that can affect eye health. All you need is a mild detergent, a brush and a good drying technique. Eyelash extensions, like other cosmetic methods, need maintenance and care for longer lasting. Therefore, it is recommended to observe the following points after the extension:

  • Do not use oily products on or around the eyes or oily mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, makeup remover, facial cleanser or any other oily product.
  • You should not be in contact with water for 24 hours and do not take a bath for 2 days.
  • When washing your face, cheeks and forehead, clean the back of the eyes, nose and wipes with cleansing pads and make-up pads to prevent your eyelashes from coming into direct contact with water.
  • When bathing, preferably use swimming goggles, otherwise, when washing your hair, wash your head holding back so that shampoo and water do not spill on your eyelashes.
  • Try to go to the bathroom before applying eyelash extensions.
  • If the lashes get wet, gently dry the lashes after bathing with an ear cleaner.
  • Once a day, gently arrange the lashes with a brush (eyelash brush).
  • Do not touch the extensions playfully. The main eyelashes may be detached from the roots.
  • Do not use eyelash strengthening oils
  • Do not use waterproof mascara for a few days before applying eyelash extensions as some of it may remain on the eyelashes and cause the glue to not fix well on the eyelashes.
  • It is normal to shed a few lashes in the first 24 hours, and of course, regular swimming and long-term use of the sauna can shorten the life of eyelash extensions.
  • Never pull eyelash extensions to separate lashes. This will loosen your natural lashes. To separate them, it is better to leave this task to your eyelash technician. Of course, as the lashes grow over time, the eyelash extensions are gradually removed from the lashes and there is no need to separate it manually.
  • If part of an artificial eyelash extension is lifted and separated, do not remove it and let it fall out on its own time.
  • To maintain the condition of the lashes, you can put the hair dryer on a low level after the bath and hold it at a distance of 20 cm below your lashes and gently style the lashes by moving your fingers. Be careful not to overheat the hair dryer so that the adhesives do not weaken.
  • Do not curl or dye eyelash extensions.
  • To dry the face, do not put a towel on the eyes, just place it the towel on the face, give it a moment and remove.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. Whenever your eyes itch, you can relieve it by gently tapping your eyelid. This is very useful for skin health and preventing eyelash loss.

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