Eyelash tint Supplies

Eyelash tint supplies

Eyelash dyeing is one of the things that women have just started to do and it has become very common like eyebrow dyeing. This is suitable for people who have blond eyelashes and want to have more beautiful eyes by darkening their eyelashes. As you know, eyes and eyelashes are very sensitive and if you cannot do this properly, you may damage your eyes.

Needed accessories for dyeing eyelashes

  • Special eyelash dye
  • Vaseline
  • Container of hot water
  • Soap and water
  • Towel
  • Cotton
  • Eye protection paper
  • Special eyelash brush
  • Special dye brush
  • Non-metallic container

Steps of eyelash coloring

  • Choosing eyelash color

You must use eyelash dye. Never try to use hair dye or eyebrow dye to reduce costs. Eyelash dyes are herbal and ammonia-free, the use of chemical dyes can damage your eyelashes. You can buy eyelash dye from beauty stores. This type of eyelash dye has different tonnages, and crow’s black colors and dark brown colors are popular eyelash colors.

  • ¬†Washing

Rinse your lashes well so that there are no traces of oil, mascara and eyeliner on it. The presence of grease and dirt on the eyelashes causes your eyelashes not to color.

  • Lubricating

Lubricate the area around the lashes and under the lower lashes with Vaseline or cream and place the eye protection paper at the closest point under your eyes. This paper prevents the skin under your eyes from staining.

  • Color combination

Inside the color pack, the instructions for using it are written for you. These instructions may be slightly different. But in general, 3 cm of the dye tube material is poured into the container and then a few drops of oxidant is added. The oxidant used is of the 10-volume or 3% type, which is very weak. Combine the mixture until it reaches the right concentration. Note that these ingredients should not be diluted because then you cannot get the desired result.

  • Performing sensitivity test

Apply a small amount of dye behind the ear or inside the elbow and wait for 30 minutes. If you do not feel itching or burning, it means that you are not allergic to the color and you can do this on your eyelashes.

  • Combing eyelashes

Comb your lashes with a special brush so that the grains separate and do not stick together. In this case, the steps of dyeing eyelashes will be easier.

  • Dyeing

Apply the dye with a special brush (eyelash brush) from the base of the lashes to the tip. If the skin around the eyebrows or eyelashes becomes stained with dye, clean it with a damp cotton to prevent staining of the skin.

  • Removing the color from the eyelashes

Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then gently wipe the color off the lashes with a cotton swab. Then remove the paper under the eyes and soak the cotton in half-warm water and apply on the lashes.

  • Wash

Wash your face with soap and water and dry with a clean towel.

  • Using lotion

Do not worry if you feel a little inflammation in the skin around your eyes. Use some soothing lotion.

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