Types of eyeshadow and the principles of applying them

Types of eyeshadow and the principles of applying eye eyeshadow

  • How many eyeshadow models do we have and what is the use of each one?
  • How to choose a shade that suits your skin color?
  • Important points when using eyeshadow ?
  • What should we pay attention to when buying a eyeshadow ?

In the article we will deal with “Types of eyeshadow and the principles of applying eye shadow” and collect all the tips for you from buying to using different types of eyeshadow.

What is eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow is one of the cosmetics used on the eyelids and under the eyes and can cover wrinkles around the eyes have a great effect on facial aging. eyeshadow has a tremendous effect on the attractiveness and beauty of the eyes.

If you know how to use shadows, you can give the eyes a certain depth and dimension. By following the principles of shading, the eyes become larger and more attractive and the imperfections of the eyes will be covered.

One of the eye makeup tools in the principles and courses of make-up training is eyeshadow , which is applied on the eyelids, under the eyebrows and lower eyelids, and also makes the shape of the eyes bigger and more elongated.

eyeshadows are available in different color tonnages, which are selected according to skin color and taste. Familiarity with the types of eyeshadow and the principles of shading is of great importance.

In this article, we will teach different types of eyeshadow and different points about eye makeup with shadows in theory. But if you learn in a practical way, you can register by referring to our school. It should be noted that this training course is part of the makeup and grooming training course and is also discussed in the topics of the facial makeup training course.

Ingredients of eyeshadows

eyeshadow is one of the chemical cosmetics. eyeshadow ingredients are safe. It is best to consult your doctor before using it if you have eye diseases and allergies to cosmetics. They are composed of magnesium silicate (talc), talc particles, mica, sericite, magnesium stearate, pigments and preservatives.

Types of eyeshadow

eyeshadow is available in the market normally as powder, cream and liquid, matte and shine according to different uses. To have a professional eye makeup, it is important to pay attention to the type of shadow you use.

Matte eyeshadow

matte eyeshadow | Types of eyeshadow | mahsaan.com

The foundation of a beautiful and attractive makeup starts with choosing a matte eyeshadow. Matte eyeshadows do not shine and do not reflect light and are suitable for contouring. Because they do not affect the color of the shadows we use afterwards, they are very suitable as a base eyeshadow.

Shiny eyeshadow

shiny eyeshadow | Types of eyeshadow | mahsaan.com

It does not pool between the eye bags or wrinkles around the eye and gives it a more beautiful and attractive appearance. Shine eyeshadows are also used to highlight the eyelids and its darker colors are very suitable for dark makeup.

Semi-matte eyeshadow

semi matte eyeshadow | Types of eyeshadow | mahsaan.com

This type is something between the matte and shine eyeshadows. This eyeshadow is suitable for people who do not want to have a very shiny eyeshadow and on the other hand do not want to use a matte shade. Semi-matte eyeshadows reflect less light than shine eyeshadows. Classic type, suitable for all ages and different skin types.

Metallic eyeshadow

metalic eyeshadow

For a natural look, effective makeup with a depth metallic eyeshadow are recommended. Metallic eyeshadow are close to metallic colors such as silver, copper, gold and…

Powdery eyeshadow

powder eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadow is suitable for people who do not have enough makeup experience. Powder eyeshadows are one of the most common types of eyeshadow. These types of eyeshadow are made in the form of 2 or 4 compact palettes and in the form of single pigments.

Powder eyeshadows have a variety of matte, crown and gloss. Matte powder shades are suitable for day makeup, crown shadows are suitable for show makeup, parties and celebrations. Glossy shade is suitable for night makeup.

Cream Eyeshadows

cream eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadow is not suitable for oily skin. These eyeshadows are glossier than other eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows are packaged in small bowl containers. You can combine several shades of cream to create an attractive shade. Use a brush with a large head to prevent eyeshadows from falling off during makeup.

Liquid eyeshadow

liquid eyeshadow

The packaging of this type of eyeshadow is similar to packaging of lipsticks and lip glosses. This type of eyeshadows is suitable for people who do not have enough experience in eye makeup.

Liquid eyeshadows are available individually and in a variety of colors. To make eye makeup with this type of eyeshadow, a special brush should be used. Due to the rapid drying of these types of shadows, it is better to act quickly to control eye makeup more.

Loose eyeshadow

loose eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadows is suitable for make-up artists and professionals. Due to the separation of loose eyeshadow powder, it is difficult to use this type of eyeshadow. This type of eyeshadow is not suitable for dry skin.

Loose eyeshadow creates wrinkles on the eye skin. Before applying the loose shadow, first apply primer on the eyelid. Then apply the loose shadow with a special brush on the eyelid. First you need to moisturize the brush with water or cosmetic spray, eye drops or medium mixing.

Pencil eyeshadow

pencil eyeshadow

This model is suitable for simple makeup. The pencil eyeshadow has a lot of color variation. It has a long-lasting life.

Baked eyeshadows

baked eyeshadow

Baked eyeshadow is one of the most popular models. Due to the easy combination of cooked eye shadows, these types of shadows are suitable for mixed eye makeup. For bold shades you should moisturize the brush and for light shades you should use a dry brush.

Simple eyeshadow makeup tutorials

To have beautiful and attractive eyes, you have to do makeup in a principled way. Here are the essentials from the beginning to the end of eye makeup with eyeshadow:

  1. First, wash your face well with a suitable cleanser that is compatible with your skin. The skin should be free of oil and previous makeup. To have a beautiful make-up, it is better to trim your eyebrows.
  2. Apply primer on the eyelid using a flat brush. The use of primer increases the durability of the eyeshadow and makes the makeup more attractive.
  3. Apply a simple shade of the same color to your entire eyelid first. This stage is called foundation.
  4. Start the eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye and continue to the inner part.
  5. Darken the outer corner of the eyes. And for the inner corner, it is better to use a light shade.
  6. It is better to start with dark colors and continue to the light colors.
  7. When done, fade the eyeshadow . Fading means blurring the border of the two colors. It is better to use a round head brush to fade the shadows. Fade the shadow back and forth. It becomes uniform by fading.
  8. For under the eyes, use the same eyeshadowof the corner of the eye and fade with a round head brush.
  9. Use black pencils for large eyes and white pencils for small eyes.
  10. After shading the eyes, use eyeliner and mascara.

Important tips about using eyeshadow

To have beautiful eye makeup with eyeshadows, pay attention to the following points.

There are countless makeup tips for using eyeshadows. Be more careful when choosing a color most women may think that the blue shade makes their eyes look bluer, but some blue themes have exactly the opposite effect on the eyes.

Keep in mind that tangled colors also make your eyes look dull and make your face look less beautiful than you thought.

Light shades are the best choice all year round. They blend naturally with your true skin tone and easily beautify your face as you expect. Gentle colors found on the skin such as brown, vanilla, and light purple are among the colors that give a very attractive natural look to your eyes.

To make your face a little more attractive and stimulating, you can use colors with a sharper background, such as gold, olive, light purple, blue, and gray. Working with a variety of natural shade colors is easy.

Shading principles is of great importance; because it has a great effect on the shape of the eye (bigger, smaller and distance).
The principles of shading are as follows:

  • First, apply the cream on the eyelids to make it completely smooth and tidy, use a dark eyeshadow for the outer corners of the eyelid and light eyeshadows for the inner corners of the eyelid.
  • If we extend the eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye upwards and outwards, the eyes become larger and more elongated.
  • Below the eyebrows, a white shade can be used to shape the eyebrows and eyes.
  • Shades can also be used in the lower eyelid to make the eyes more attractive.
  • Dark colors such as black, navy blue are great for enlarging the eyes. Green, blue, gray and dark purple are very attractive to brown eyes.
  • Light colors such as peach, light brown and pink are the best options for teaching light eye makeup daily.
  • The best choices for green eyes are brown, dark green and lilac.
  • For blue eyes, the color of orange derivatives will be very beautiful.

Choose a eyeshadow color that matches the skin color

The eyeshadow color should be chosen in accordance with the skin color of people to give a special charm and effect to the eyes. In this section, colors that are suitable for people’s skin color are suggested.

Dark skin: People with dark skin should use a eyeshadow with a lighter tonnage than their skin color, and the use of gold and silver shades is also recommended for these people.

Wheat skin: For people who have wheat skin color, there are no restrictions on the use of colors and they can use different color tonnages according to their hair color or taste.

Light skin: For people with light skin color, it is recommended to use dark colors in the outer corner of the eyelid and light colors on the eyelid and the inner corner of the eyelid.

Important tips for buying eyeshadow

Eye makeup has a tremendous effect on the beauty and attractiveness of the face. To have a beautiful makeup that fits your face, it is better to use eye eyeshadows that match your eye color, gender and skin color.

Most cosmetic stores guide customers to the right purchase by offering advice on buying cosmetics. Otherwise, follow the tips below:

  • The shade should be chosen according to the color of the clothes and the skin, the color and the condition of the eyes (it is better that the color has a slight contrast).
  • Expensive shades are not always of better quality, but in most cases, it is true because more expensive shades, which are generally powder-like, contain better quality pigments, and are generally more durable but do use its testers before buying.

Last word

When should we draw eyeliner in eye makeup?
In eye makeup, to make your eyeliner clear, it is better to use eyeshadow first, then draw eyeliner.

What shade is suitable for brown eyes?
Colors such as dark purple, bright blue, emerald green and golden bronze make them more prominent.

Does eye makeup start from dark colors or light?
Always start with light colors and go to dark colors. In this case, you can easily fade your eyeshadow.



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