What is Hair re-dye?

What is Hair re-dye?

Dyed hair loses its shine and radiance after several washes and loses its original beauty. With hair re dye, beauty and radiance can be restored to the hair. Dyeing is the same combination of hair color and attenuated variation with a little water that is applied on decolorate hair and restores clarity and shine after hair color and restores hair color.

When you decolorate or highlight your hair, as well as brushing too much highlight hair with a hair dryer, after two months the quality of the hair color decreases and it is not as shiny as in the first days and the softness of the hair disappears. Dye is used to color and maintain healthy hair. Hair dye is very useful in highlighted hair and balayage, Ombre and sombre because the hair color is not uniform and does not require root dye.

In hair re dye, the material does not stay on the hair for a long time, so it does not damage your hair. In hair dyeing, you can use different color bases. It is not necessary to repeat the previous color, so this technique is also suitable for creating variety in your hair color. Even in cases where you are keratinizing or re-bonding and you are not allowed to dye your hair, you can safely use hair re dye and be sure that your keratin and hair restoration will not be lost. Our school organizes hair color training courses for beginners and advanced levels.

Usages of dye

  • The main application of hair dye; for light hair color such as mesh and decolorate. Light hair base dye in a shorter time, so dye is used to prevent the hair from becoming too dark and less damage to the decolorate hair.
  • In extending highlighted hair color, it is almost impossible to separate the light and dark strands of hair color, so we use hair dye instead of hair color. The hair dyeing operation is done in less time and is weaker than the hair dye, and makes the dark strands of hair dye not colored and only affects the decolorate strands because they have a lighter color base.
  • Hair re dye is also used in hair balayage and Ombre because there is no need to dye the roots and only the light parts of the hair should be dyed.
  • If you do not like your current hair color and it is not to your taste, but you do not want to damage your hair again by dyeing it with chemicals, you can use re dye.
  • When you dye or highlight hair, they have a special shine that disappears after a short time and begins to become dull; Dyeing will be the best option to solve this problem.
  • If you have natural or keratined hair and you do not want your hair to be damaged, you can use hair re dye.
  • If you have dark hair and you want to temporarily create a color halo on your hair for a special occasion, you can use hair re dye.

Differences between hair re dye and hair dyeing

  • First of all, for re dyeing, the dye is combined with water and oxidant, but hair dye is only combined with oxidant.
  • They moisturize the hair for dying, but your hair should not be wet in the hair re-dye.
  • Re-Dye works only on light hair and is not effective on dark base hair due to its short stature and pause time. But hair color will work on both dark and light hair.
  • Durability of re-dye is less than hair dye.
  • In the re-dye technique, you will see an aura of the same color that you choose on the previous base dye of the hair. But in hair dye, the intensity of the color and the output of the base of the hair color will be different from the original hair color.
  • In hair dye, you must start from the tip of the hair and go towards the back of the head, and finally dye the front of the head and the roots. But in hair re-dyeing and you massage the entire amount of hair at once with dyeing materials.
  • The dye usually stays on the hair for 10 to 20 minutes, but the hair dye takes at least 40 to 80 minutes.
  • Re-Dye cannot be a factor in lightening or darkening the hair, but hair dyeing has this power.

Ingredients to make hair dye

Definitely, the process of re-dyeing your hair, like any other action, requires accessories and materials, and the better you do in this case, the better the end result of your work will be. In this section, we will teach you the materials needed to make hair dye:

  • A dye that is a darker base than the decoloration base.
  • Water
  • Hair dye number 8 to 10 for blonde hair
  • Hair dye brush
  • Oxidant No. 1
  • Hair dye bowl

How to make a re-dye

Pour a quarter of the selected hair dye tube into the hair dye bowl for dyeing and mix it with 75 cc of Oxidant No. 1 and 75 cc of water. Note that the final result of this combination should be diluted. Then, using a hair dye brush, apply it to your entire hair and comb it, and after 15 minutes, wash your hair.

Of course, you can use another rule that is more precise. Decide on the length and thickness of the hair. For short hair, combine 3 cm, for medium hair 8 cm and for long hair 15 cm of hair dye into a container with a complete oxidant and some water equal to the amount of oxidant. You can also add a few drops of shampoo to it and apply it on your hair after stirring. If you know the dye combination, you can do the same with color shampoo.

Ways to re-dye your hair

In a bowl according to the volume and height of the hair, combine the desired dye (use different color bases) with oxidant to make the material homogeneous. The amount of oxidant and color should be equal. You can also use emollient shampoo in the combination of color and oxidant.

Apply the ingredients to your hair like shampoo and massage well, after 10 minutes check your hair color, if it has reached your desired color, wash your hair with water. If your entire hair is not decolorate, let the dye mix stay on your hair for 25 minutes.

After coloring your hair, use shampoo and mask for colored hair. Massage your hair once a week before bathing with olive oil or mayonnaise.

Popular hair dyes methods

Shell Blonde Dye

First of all, with decoloration, bring your hair color to base 10, and then choose the lightest color from group and apply it on your hair.

Smoky blonde dye

You should apply the lightest color from the base c, which has a smoky tonnage, on the decolorated hair.

Golden Blonde Dye

Choose a light hair color with a golden 9 base and apply it on decolorated hair.

Straw blonde dye

In this method, you should choose the lightest color from group n and apply it to decolorated hair.

Olive Blonde Dye

After decolorated, choose the lightest color from group m and keep it on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes.


If you want to get rid of excess yellowness in your hair with dye, you should use smoky and silver series colors. If your hair is too yellowish, you should also use a little purple to neutralize the yellow.

Durability of re-dye

As we explained, hair re-dye is weaker and lighter than hair dye and therefore less durable. Therefore, consider the following recommendations for more durability of the dye:

  • After dyeing, wash your hair only with water and, if necessary, use only a small amount of conditioner.
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 3 days after dyeing.
  • Do not use very hot water to wash your hair.
  • Use a special shampoo for dyed hair to wash your hair.
  • Do not over-wash and shampoo.
  • Do not use excessive brushing and ironing.
  • Do not use too much hair conditioner.
  • Charge your paint every two weeks before taking a bath.

Benefits of Hair re-dyeing

All hair dye and all processes performed on the hair in all types can be associated with benefits and side effects, in this section we will mention the benefits of hair re-dye:

  • Re-Dyeing does less damage than hair dye, because the hair dye mixture is weakened.
  • Re-Dyeing gives your hair shine and clarity.
  • Re-Dye does not need to stay on the hair for long.
  • You can change the color of the dye from time to time and convince your sense of diversity.
  • You can easily do the re-dyeing yourself at home.

Disadvantages of hair re-dyeing

Re-Dye, like hair dye, can cause problems for your hair. In this section, we will mention some of the disadvantages of dyeing:

  • Although dyeing is weaker than combining hair dye, it is still made of chemicals and can damage hair if left untreated.
  • As dye is a weak version of hair dye, it is less durable than hair dye and needs to be repaired every two weeks.
  • Due to the low durability of the re-dye, more care is needed when brushing and washing.
  • Repeated dyeing, like hair re-dye, eliminates the effects of hair rebounding and keratin over time.
  • Lightening hair dye over time and with repeated use also lightens dark hair bases.

Important points in hair dyeing

  • In re-dyeing, you should keep the dye on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If the hair dye stays on your hair for a long time, your hair color will become too dark and you will not achieve the desired result.
  • After re-dying, hair mask for colored hair or organic oils such as; olive or almond oil is recommended to use to keep your hair moisturized and easy to comb.
  • In hair dyeing, try to follow the rules of hair dye combination. Excessive variation in color tonnage may not produce the desired result.

Variations and re-dyeing

Variation is a chemical like hair dye but weaker. It usually contains only the main colors and is mostly used to correct hair dye and make a special hair color combination. But hair re-dye is the same as the diluted version of hair dye, although with variation it is possible to do re-dye and you do not always have to use hair dye. Combine a few centimeters of the variation with the oxidant and place it on your hair.

Difference between variation and re-dyeing

  • Variation combines with hair dye to increase dye life and color intensity and eliminate bad color spectrums, but dye to charge light hair dye with less damage.
  • Variation has a special color spectrum and mostly has the main hair colors and fancy colors and sharp and dark and does not have light and different bases, but the dyeing is made from the same color variety and dark to light bases of hair color.
  • Variations are generally much less durable than hair color and dye.
  • Variations take longer to act, but dyeing works faster because it is a combination of hair dyes.

Hair re-dyeing with variation

  • The main problem with variations is their durability, which is less than hair color, but because of the variety of fancy colors, they attract a lot of people.
  • Variation is a hair dye used to shade dyed hair and eliminate yellowing and redness of the hair. If you want your hair color to be fancy, use variation instead of dye in your hair dye combination. Using variations on hair color gives a special beauty, but the life of fancy hair color is short.
  • If the roots of your hair are dyed, you do not have root growth, first wash your hair and according to the volume and length of the hair, combine some variation with equal amounts of oxidant and conditioner shampoo and put it on wet hair like shampoo and wash after 20 minutes.
  • If your hair is highlighted or decolorated, combine the variation only with shampoo and dye it so that your hair is not damaged.
  • If the roots of your hair have grown and have no color, combine the variation with the color of your choice and apply it to the roots of your hair, which is dry, and after 45 minutes, comb and wash your hair.

Differences between re-dyeing and dye shampoo

  • Hair color shampoo is a chemical for dyeing hair that does not need oxidants and pens and bowls. It is applied on the head like shampoo and after 20 to 30 minutes, it dyes the hair.
  • Regarding the difference between dye and hair dye shampoo, we can first say that the initial composition of the ingredients is that dye shampoo is like a chemical shampoo, but the dyeing technique is prepared from the same hair dye and water.
  • The second difference can be mentioned as the color spectrum, in hair dye shampoo the color spectrum and color bases are very low, while in coloring there is much more variety and there is in the color spectrum and bases.
  • Shampoo dyes are mostly dark and harsh colors and are used for dark hair, but coloring has a wide color range for light hair, and therefore is used for decolorated hair and light hair bases.

Famous brands in hair dyeing

Since re-dyeing is weaker than hair dye, the use of quality materials in its durability is very important. For this reason, we will introduce several famous and reputable brands in the supply of hair color products.

L’Oréal hair dye brand

L’Oréal is a French private cosmetic and beauty company known worldwide. The main field of activity of this brand is hair dye products, skin care and beauty and skin cleansing, make-up and perfume. This brand is now available in Iran and the Middle East and is sold in all major importing companies and cosmetics stores. Hair dye products of this brand are one of the highest quality hair color products in the world.

Alter Ego hair dye brand

Alter Ego is an Italian private company with more than 30 years of experience and is a luxury hair care brand that is approved by experts around the world. Emphasizing the use of natural and organic materials, this brand covers all aspects of hair care and hair color. This brand is represented in all continents of the world and is available in all chain stores and cosmetic stores in Iran.

Reyton hair dye brand

Rayton brand is a joint product with the Italian company POOLSERVISE. This company produces and sends various and high quality products in the field of hair color and decoloration products, all kinds of hair brushing and conditioning products, and all kinds of hair care and revitalization products, all over the world. This product has different agencies in Europe and Asia and is also offered in cosmetic stores in Iran.

Biol hair dye brand

Biol brand is an Iranian brand that produces its products with German formulation. Most of Biol products are hair dye and lightening products, as well as hair care, beauty and conditioning. The brand also sells its products in the Middle East and Asia and is more economical in terms of cost than the previously mentioned brands.

Hair dyeing image galleries

In the following, we have the image gallery of hair dye samples. Also, to see more pictures, refer to the picture gallery of the latest hair dye styles.

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