Harley Quinn inspired makeup tutorial

Harley Quinn makeup tutorial

For starters you can use a fair foundation from l’oreal, Squeeze it on the back of your hand and use one of the spectrum holographic brushes, we recommend B01 for Buffing Foundation and use it to dribble it all over.

Make sure to powder to set everything, next take a small brush, it could be the A24 – Brow Styler from spectrum and start drawing medium sized, slightly arched eyebrows. Now just for one eye, take bright red color pop eye shadow and apply it above the eyelid on the side that you have red nail polish.

Then drag the B06  brush down to create that smeared eye shadow effect on the other eye you should take a bright blue eye shadow, we recommend Juvia’s Place and apply it the same way right above the eyelid, don’t forget the smeared on the corner just like the other eye.

To add more definition to the eyes you should take a darker color of both red and blue and apply it right above the crease just like a soft cut crease. After that grab you highlight pencil and use it as the base so the eye shadow can really pop. Go over with champagne eye shadow from Juvia’s Place pallet to help it look clean and bright.

On the lower lash line there’s not a lot to do, just add shadow with a contour color.

Now going back to the upper lash line you can use an eyeliner, we recommend one from “makeup geek” to create a very nice and sharp wing, now you can boost your whole look with some fast lashes. Use long but thin lashes so your cut crease can still be seen.

Countering is always a must especially if you are using such light foundation, just to bring out your cheek bones, temples and jawlines. And for the lips take a bright cherry red lip liner. Line you lips just like usual but on the corners sharpen it like joker lips.

If you like darker lips you can shadow the corners and then just apply a bright red liquid lipstick on the center.

Talking about Harley we can’t forget about her face tattoos. Draw a little heart on your cheek and write rotten on the side of your jawline.

Next step is trying Harley’s wig, so use a brown wig cap and you can find a wig like hers at Halloweenpartyonline.com, put it on and adjust it till it’s perfect. There’s also pudding chocker you can find on any hot topic store and the outfit can be easily found on eBay.

Hope you enjoyed your new experience.

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