How to become a professional makeup artist?

Have you ever seen a person’s face and realized what kind of makeup is best for their face? Can you tell what lipstick color is right for your skin? Can you style your eyes at home like models and movie actors?! If you answered “no” to all these questions, join us in the following article of How to become a professional make-up artist? And Who is a makeup artist?

If you are one of those people who are interested in beautifying people’s faces with the help of your talents, the job of a make-up artist is the best option for you. How to become a Makeup Artist? In this article we will tell you!

I want to be a Makeup Artist, where do I start?

I want to be a Makeup Artist, where do I start? This is a familiar question for many people who like to work in this field. It can be fascinating to fantasize about your name as a professional make-up artist. In answer to the question, “Where do I start if I want to be a Makeup Artist?” We have to say that to enter this job, you have to measure your interest, skill and creativity, consider your hard work, see how patient you are. Because in addition to the attractiveness of this job, you have to be patient and work hard to finally achieve your dream.

Without exaggeration, Makeup Artist is one of the fascinating jobs that many people are looking for these days. The job of a Makeup Artist is lucrative in payment, but requires a lot of effort, skill and time. If you are good at working with blush brushes and lip liner, choosing a job as a make-up artist can be a great choice for you. Join us step by step so that you can get acquainted with the Makeup Artist job and the amount of Makeup Artist income

Who is a makeup artist?

How to become a makeup artist

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose

Practice! First and foremost, apply makeup to your own face. You can even make up your friends’ faces! This will give help you to improve your skills.

Practice applying makeup on people with different skin tones and colors, different face shapes, different eye colors and different ages. Try to find people who have light, medium, green and dark skin. This will help you learn how to apply makeup on different skin types.

Try different cosmetic brands. Many make-up artists prefer a particular brand to other cosmetic brands because its quality is higher than others or simply because it works well for them. You should also try different types of cosmetics, such as powder and cream cosmetics. In this way, you will find out which type of cosmetics work best on which skin types and the final results each can cause.

There are different types of cosmetic brushes. Their material, size and shape are different. It is better to try them all and see which one is better.

Get acquainted with different makeup models!

Read magazines, browse fashion blogs, watch movies, go to various shows and get acquainted with different makeup styles. It is important that you understand when a client explains a particular makeup style to you. Also, if you are familiar with makeup trends, you can guide the client on what type of makeup is right for their face style.

Remember that you have to distinguish between day and night makeup. Consider these points:

  • In general, the makeup of the day should be simple and minimal. For pink lipstick color, use pink tonnage. It is better that the color of the lipstick is in harmony with the tonality of the lip color of the person. Eye makeup should also be quite simple. A light shade with a little mascara is enough. Night makeup can be a little more elegant. Highlighted cheeks for evening makeup. Make your eyes or lips bold and prominent. Remember that you should either make up the eyes or the lips, not both!
  • One of the best makeup models that never goes out of style is red lipstick with very little makeup (even without makeup). For people with dark skin, it is better to use dark red tonnage. For people with fair skin, use orange tonnage.
  • Sometimes a client may ask you to do their makeup like an actor in a particular series, or a popular magazine. For this situation, you need to be familiar with different cosmetic terms and understand them well when the client explains something to you.

Step #2: Learn, gain experience!

Enroll in make-up and beauty classes. You can usually get hired as a make-up artist without any academic skills. But if you have enough time and money, it is better to attend these classes and learn important and practical skills from people who have a lot of experience. Of course, keep in mind that these classes will help you a lot, but you cannot replace them with practice, experimentation and innate talent.

Work in stores that sell cosmetics!

Try working in cosmetics stores for a while. In this way, you can try different cosmetic skills on different skin types and faces. The best advantage of this is that you get paid to practice! Also, by working in these shops, you will get acquainted with various cosmetics and newly introduced products.

If you cannot work in these shops, take internships. Talk to the Makeup Artist you like, show them that you like the experience and you’re willing to work for it.

Step #3: Find a job!

First decide what industry you would like to work in. Do you want to work with TV and movie stars? Do you want to start your own business and do bridal or special occasion makeup in your hometown? Fashion, theater, special effects, weddings and airbrushing are some of the areas you can work in. Once you have decided which path is right for you, it’s time to work on your branding staff! Show the world that you specialize in a particular industry.

Make a work sample!

Your portfolio enables you to showcase your talents to prospective clients and employers. Your portfolio should reflect your unique abilities and talents.

To show your talents, you have to find models who are not professionals at all. Find people whose makeup you enjoy and whose face style matches your makeup style. Take “before and after” photos of the makeup of these models. To do this, hire a professional photographer with a quality camera. Remember that the quality of the photos reflects the quality of your work and therefore what you are presenting yourself as.

Advertise for yourself!

If you want to find a full-time job, or work as a freelancer and as a project, publicly announce that you are looking for a job! Search your area, show your portfolio to employers, send them resumes, and attend interview sessions. If you want to collect more work samples, you may have to volunteer work at first.

Also, ask friends and family to hire you as a makeup artist for their special occasions.

The right age to become a Makeup Artist

What is the right age to become a Makeup Artist? For many people, the right age to become a Makeup Artist is the moment they discover their interest and talent in the profession. For others, the right age to become a Makeup Artist is when they pursue a career in the profession.

The great thing about being a Makeup Artist is that it is never too early or too late to learn professional techniques. When you can hold pens, see the details and want to learn, you will be ready to choose this profession at any age.

Makeup Artist job income

makeup artist income

Makeup artist salary depending on the level of activity, reputation and technique you have. But we can estimate its income in the range of 5 million 150 million tomans per month. Of course, these figures for the income of this job will change according to various factors.

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The job of a make-up artist

A make-up artist is a master of Makeup and changes to people’s appearance and natural features by applying cosmetic products with artistic skills and creativity.

A make-up artist often works for weddings and other special events such as model photography, theater shows, TV shows and movies.

Some make-up artists are active in cinema as make-up artists. These people use special techniques to make fundamental changes in the actors; For example, with their art, they can make actors look older or younger than they really are, or change their face in general.

Makeup artists are often referred to as cosmetologists, but with the exception that they are only skilled in makeup and cannot make permanent changes such as permanent shrinkage of the nose and…

It is good to know that most make-up artists work independently and self-employed.

The Makeup Artist’s job is to transform a person’s face into his or her desired personality or appearance over a period of time. They often talk to their customers so that they can be aware of their interests and ultimately create a beautiful face, flawless and tailored to their customers’ tastes. Professional and established make-up artists can also be columnists and editors of beauty and make-up magazines.

Is it hard to be a makeup artist?

Having artistic talent and interest in working with cosmetics not only make it difficult, it also makes being a make-up artist one of the best jobs in the world. But you know that in order to become a strong and professional make-up artist, you need to work hard. Because this job has no limit and to stay in this saturated market, you must be active and keep your information up to date. You also have to work hard and take different courses. On the other hand, to have a regular customer, you need to be skilled and patient.

What is included in the introductory course of Makeup?

What does a Makeup Artist introductory course include? In order to be able to work as a professional Makeup Artist in this market, it is better to pass the Makeup Artist preparation course.

The formal schools, as well as the technical and professional organization of the country, provide you with the opportunity to pass the basic course of Makeup Artist, so that you can gain knowledge and skills in this job, as well as get a degree and be able to get a work permit and start working.

In addition to the introductory Makeup Artist course, in order to be able to be professional and progress in this job, we suggest you to participate in additional courses.

Attending a university of applied sciences or studying at a vocational school will allow you to pursue an academic education in women’s Makeup and men’s Makeup.

The most popular Makeup Artist courses are offered by diplomas by professional technical schools and beauty service centers and many Makeup Artists.

You can even attend more specialized courses such as special effects make-up courses or media make-up courses, and go even further and see special courses on bridal makeup or contouring techniques.

Makeup internship

makeup intership

A Makeup Artist internship is a good opportunity to gain work experience while learning, which can include salary. This course is very suitable for those who want to be absorbed in the labor market quickly. Because hairdressing involves many experimental skills that can be acquired by passing a hairdressing internship.

These days, many famous Makeup Artists are recruiting makeup interns. In this way, a person can learn this profession experimentally by attending Makeup sessions as an intern, and also complete their skills by participating in various classes.

Independent Makeup jobs

Makeup can be considered one of the most laborious and, of course, lucrative jobs. This is why many people consider Makeup to be a very popular profession.

By developing your skills in this field and creating a strong resume, you can start your work independently. Having the necessary work experience is a big challenge for novice make-up artists.

You can start your career as an assistant in a Makeup salon and also advertise your field of work, whether at work or in the events and ceremonies you attend, and thus find more customers for yourself. You can even partner with people who have a wedding planning job to introduce you as a makeup artist.

Of course, you need to know that the cost of doing this work independently is costly, and you need to have an accurate estimate of the cost of the Makeup job. Of course, do not worry, because we are going to look at the cost of setting up a Makeup saloon in future articles.

In the job of Makeup Artist, in addition to having the necessary skills and techniques, you must also have the ability to keep your customers satisfied, because nothing can be a good sign for your work as a satisfied customer. It does not matter if you work as a Makeup Artist, you have to have a great deal of interaction with your clients, treat them with courtesy and respect and do your best for them.

You cannot achieve your goals in this profession without having satisfied customers for whom you spend enough time, even if you are the best in terms of skills and technique.

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