Lash Lift Side Effects

What is an eyelash lift? And what are the problems?

Eyelash lift and lamination are new eyelash beauty methods that are very popular today. In fact, eyelash lift is a method for styling and beautifying eyelashes, which can be a good method if chemicals are not used. Eyelash lift and laminating make the eyes doubly beautiful, but they also have side effects that should be taken seriously. So that we can avoid potential dangers as much as possible. Lift and lamination lead to strengthening and thickening of the eyelashes. These methods are very suitable and comfortable for curling the eyelashes, and in terms of durability, it can be said that they are long. But in the face of these beauties, eyelash lift also has problems. We will deal with these problems in the following.

Lash Lift Side Effects:

  1. Having allergies and sensitivities to eyelash lift materials.
    It is better to ask for a test before the lift so that you are not allergic to the material. Sensitivity and allergies are one of the complications of eyelash lift.
  2. The curl not ending up how you wanted:

One of the results of eyelash lift is that the lashes do not curl as we would like. Be sure to rest them for up to 24 hours, do not wash them until it is fixed. It is better not to roll your eyes and not to sleep on your face.

  1. Itching, redness and swelling of the eyes:

Although eyelash lift is a great method, it has its drawbacks. Although silicone pads are also used to prevent eye damage, they can sometimes not completely protect the eyes. One of the complications of eyelash lift is itching and redness, swelling, dry eyes, watery eyes and blisters.

  1. Eye infection.

One of the dangers and complications of eyelash lift is eye infection. If you are allergic to certain chemicals, your eyes will start to itch and swell, so you should see a doctor. So before that, be sure to take a test first.

  1. Damage to natural eyelashes:

Another complication of eyelash lift is damage to normal lashes. Try to get help from a specialist and never turn to non-professionals. The professional knows how long the material should be on your eyes. Excessive placement of the material on the eyebrows will cause the lashes to break and fall out.

  1. High price and cost due to the use of quality materials:

Sometimes, due to the use of high quality special materials, you have to incur exorbitant costs for eyelash lift.

  1. Prohibition for pregnant or lactating women:

This is dangerous if you are pregnant or have a baby and are breastfeeding. It is better to postpone it to another time.

  1. Need to renew:

One of the disadvantages and complications of eyelash lift is that it is not permanent and needs to be extended.

Lifting and lamination warnings:

  • It is better to do a test on a part of the skin before performing a lift or lamination, and this should be done by a qualified specialist.
  • Hygiene of the salon and he technician is very important. If not hygienic, it may cause swelling or inflammation or eyelashes could fall out or break.
  • Do not use water around the eyelashes or shed tears for 24 hours because the material on the eyelashes may go into the eye. The keratein in it is harmful to the eyes. It takes 24 hours for the serum used to lift the lashes to work.
  • Do not use cosmetics for 2 days after the lift or lamination.
  • Do not do cosmetic surgery around the eyes for a day or two
  • Avoid swimming in the Jacuzzi pool for the first few days
  • If you have short eyelashes, do not lift because they cost money but do not have much effect.
  • Do not do this if you have allergies.
  • Avoid fumigation for up to one day
  • After eyelash lift and lamination, use eyelash strengthening materials
  • You can also use mascara

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