9 ways to make eyeshadow stay longer

Many people have oily skin, which means that their makeup will not last long despite using good quality cosmetics. You may think this is not an important issue, but it really is, and oily skin can make the best eye shadow not last and that won’t create an attractive appearance. This problem can sometimes discourage you and cause you to stop applying eye shadow for good. We are sure that many will nod their heads in approval while reading this article and have encountered this problem many times. There are many ways to increase the longevity of eye shadow. Read 9 ways to increase the longevity of eye shadow in this article.

1- Use eye shadow primer

As you have seen many times the effect of makeup primer in the foundation of your makeup can be miraculous. You will see the same effect when using eye shadow primer. The primer will also make the soft eye shadow stay on your eyelids and not fade.


2- Apply your eye shadow in several layers

It is better to apply eye shadow in layers, these layers do not need to be large and use half of the eye shadow kid in one round of make-up!


3- Use eyeliner for your makeup base

We have a professional trick for you. An effective method is to use an eye pencil that matches the color of your eye shadow to foundation your eye shadow. This way it covers your eye shadow well on the eyelid. Cover the entire eyelid with a thin layer of eyeliner and then apply eye shadow.


4- Apply cream eye shadow first, then powder eye shadow

We have said this before and we will say it again. Applying a layer of eye shadow is a good solution. Instead of using an eye shadow, apply a layer of liquid eye shadow first and then cover your eyelid with a powder shadow.


5- Apply eye shadow with a damp makeup brush

If you have not tried this method before, be sure to do so to see the result for yourself.

6- Use concealer

Do not have eye shadow primer? Do not worry, you can use concealer as an alternative. Just read the precautions on the concealer package before usage and make sure that there is no obstacle on using your concealer for sensitive areas and eyes.


7- It is important to clean the face before makeup

If you do not wash your face before makeup, you cannot expect much from your eye shadow appearance let alone for it to last long. In this case, fats and substances on the skin will prevent the shadow from remaining on your eyes.

8- Look for waterproof and long-lasting eye shadows products

Look for the words “fade-resistant” or “waterproof” on your eye shadow packaging.


9- Use makeup stabilizing spray

Using makeup fixative spray can complement all of the solutions mentioned above and help all your makeup to last longer not just the eyeshadows.

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