What are LVL eyelashes?

What are LVL eyelashes?

LVL eyelashes (length, volume and lift) achieve beautiful results without the need for extensions and only using your natural eyelashes. This treatment works by darkening and lifting natural eyelashes. Whether your lashes are short, medium or long, LVL treatment creates a beautiful appearance and at the same time, it increases the length and volume of the lashes. This means that the best possible condition for any person, you will recognize at least one of these important words of beauty from almost the best mascaras on the market.

But it rarely happens that all three appear together, in which case the mascara becomes versatile. LVL lashes last 6 to 8 weeks if properly cared for. Do not moisturize or wash your lashes for 48 hours after applying LVL. Because water changes the disulfide bonds of the hair follicle after trapping through chemical changes.

Do not apply mascara on your LVL eyelashes for at least 48 hours and please do not be tempted to do your eye makeup before this time. Also in the early days to remove eye makeup, instead of wiping the makeup pad along your eyes, it is better to gently press the pad on the eye and hold for about 10 seconds. This will make your lashes more durable and look beautiful for a longer period of time. The cost of applying LVL lashes varies between salons depending on the location of the salon and the skill of the technician.

What is the difference between LVL eyelashes and eyelash extensions?

LVL eyelash treatment is a combination of excellent eyelash lift with eyelash color to your natural eyelashes to give you beautiful and thick eyelashes that last up to 6 to 8 weeks. Eyelash extensions works by adding individual eyelash extensions to each of your lashes.

Steps to perform LVL lift

Step 1 of performing LVL lift: cleansing the skin

To do this you need to clean your whole face. If your face has makeup, be sure to remove your makeup. Use a clean cloth (preferably a damp cloth) to do this. After cleansing the skin, wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it thoroughly.

Step 2 LVL Lift: Trim the lashes

Comb your lashes gently and carefully with a small brush so that all the lashes are separated and in their best condition. (Do this as little pressure as possible, as the eyelid skin may be damaged.)

Step 3 LVL Lift: Place a silicone pad under the lashes

After combing the eyelashes, we should soften the skin of the eyelids and. For this purpose, prepare a moisturizing or emollient cream and soften the area around the lashes with a small amount of them. Now that everything is ready, take a special silicone pad or white glue and stick it under each eye.

Step 4 LVL Lift: Attach the silicone pad to the top of the lashes

Exactly the same as the previous step, but this time stick another silicone pad on the lashes. Make sure that the pad is attached to the eyelid and does not come off easily. The top silicone pad is usually called a curler.

Step 5 LVL Lift: Apply a special serum to the lashes

After fixing and sticking the curler to the top of the eyelid, now it is time to apply lift materials and serums along the curler on the lashes. This should be done thread by thread and all the threads should be impregnated with this serum. Eyelashes should be completely covered by the serum. With this method, the eyelashes are strengthened and become bolder than before. Wait a while and then remove the excess serum with the help of an ear cleaner. You must first apply the firming serum to the lashes so that all the lashes are ready to absorb the dye. After the serum absorbs the lashes, apply the special lift and laminate dye inside the kit to the lashes.

Note that you have to wait about 10 minutes after this. If the eyelashes are not dyed properly, you can do the same step for the client several more times. In the next step, apply keratin. This will make the lashes a little thicker and fix the dye used in the previous step. In the next step, remove the silicone pads from the top of the eyes. Do this slowly so that the lashes are not damaged.

The last step of performing LVL lift: completion of work

Remove all silicone pads above and below the eye and carefully clean around the eye. You can now see your newly revived eyelashes in the mirror.

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