How to make eyeshadow at home

Eyeshadow is one of the most popular cosmetics among women, which is available in different shapes and colors. But you can also make eyeshadow at home, for various reasons you may be motivated to make eyeshadow, it could be that have sensitive skin or you do not want to use chemicals in your makeup or your only goal is to combine different shades of eyeshadow and Make new colors. There are several ways to make eyeshadow at home, each using a specific material which we’ll be discussing shortly.

Making eyeshadow using mica powder

mica powder

Attain mica powder in the desired colors: Mica cosmetic powder is a soft mineral powder that is used in making some types of cosmetics, including eyeshadow. You can get this powder online or from stores that offer cosmetic materials in the city.

Mica powder has a high color variety and is found in two types, matte and glossy. Note that the powder you prepare is mica cosmetic powder and not industrial types, because you are going to apply this substance around your eyes, so its safety is very important. You can make this powder in a specific color or use several colors and combine them to create a specific color.

Making uncompressed eyeshadow

There are three types of eyeshadow available in the market, powder form, compact form and liquid form, which you have to use a special method to make eyeshadow in each of these forms.

The simplest type of eyeshadow is the powder or uncompressed type of shadow, which we already went through the way to create a shadow in this way. Mix mica powder in the desired colors and make your own desired shade, for example, to create an aquamarine shadow, use blue, green and silver colors with Combine. Pour the final mixture into a small container with a lid (like an empty bowl of cream) and use.

Make a powder eyeshadow

To prepare a powder eyeshadow, all you have to do is mix a few colors of mica powder together to achieve the color you want.

For example, to prepare a warm color that has an autumn tone, you can combine light brown, dark brown, golden, cream and orange mica powders. If you want a glossy and burgundy color, you should mix blue, green and silver powders.

Make a compact eyeshadow.

  1. When you have mixed your powders to get the desired shade color, add the powder adhesive to it (you can buy this adhesive as a spray or liquid).
  2. Apply the powder glue drop by drop or spray by spray, little by little, on the mixed dyes so that its concentration gets wet like sand.
  3. Pour the wet powder into an empty can of lipstick and place a paper towel directly on it and place a coin (exactly the same size as the entrance of the can) on the shadow.
  4. Squeeze the coin gently until the shadow under it is completely compressed. Set the shadow aside and let the paper towel rest on it to dry your made shadow.

how to make eyeshadow at home with charcoal

eyeshadow using charcoa

Buy charcoal capsules. Activated charcoal capsules can be obtained from pharmacies. They are usually used for bloating and upset stomach but can produce a smoky color for the eyes.

  1. Open the capsule. Pour the black powder into an empty lipstick can.
  2. Add a little color. Although charcoal powder does not give you a light color, by adding a little mica powder you can have a shiny black color.
  3. Use charcoal powder as an eyeshadow or eyeliner. By adding a little water to the charcoal powder, you can turn it into a paste and use it as an eyeliner.

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Making Spirulina eyeshadow with natural organic materials at home

make eyeshadow at home using Spirulina Powder

Making Spirulina algae eyeshadow with natural organic ingredients at home, while being attractive and fun, can also protect you from the harmful and harmful chemicals in these cosmetics and make sure that this eyeshadow does no harm to the eyes and face.

Ingredients for Spirulina algae eyeshadow

  • Half a teaspoon of arrowroot powder or cornstarch powder
  • Half a teaspoon of spirulina
  • Half a teaspoon of shea butter (optional)

Optional choices for further eyeshadow color range:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Activated charcoal powder

Materials needed to make Spirulina algae eyeshadow:

  • Bowl
  • Fork
  • Container with lid made to hold eyeshadow

Tip: Always remember not to use metal bowls and utensils to make any cosmetic product because the chemical reaction of the materials can damage your eyes severely.

How to make eyeshadow at home using Spirulina

  1. Pour the spirulina and arrowroot algae powder (or cornstarch powder) into a bowl and mix well with a fork. If you are satisfied with the obtained color, go to the next step, and if you are still not satisfied with the resulting color, you can add the following ingredients.
  2. If you want the color of the eyeshadow to be a little darker, add more spirulina to it, and if you need a lighter color, add more arrowroot or corn powder. You can add cocoa powder to give a little brown undertone and very little activated charcoal to create a deep dark eyeshadow.
  3. After reaching the desired color, add shea butter to it and mash it with the back of a good fork and mix with the desired powders. At first, the shea butter may be a little firm, but over time you can mix it with the desired powder and get a very soft and uniform creamy state.
  4. Your eyeshadow is ready. Now you can pour it in a container with a lid and use it like your other eyeshadows and apply it on your eyelids. You can keep this eyeshadow in a container with a lid for up to 6 months.

In the end

Making natural eyeshadow at home is much easier than you think, and besides having fun and experiencing the joy of creativity, by making these cosmetics at home, you can protect yourself from the damage of chemicals and harmful substances in the existing cosmetics.

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