Most Beautiful Nail Design Trends in 2021

Given the fact that the color of nail polish is very diverse, choosing the best nail polish color is an important concern for women all around the world. The best way to have a suitable nail makeup is to get acquainted with nail design trends in 2021 suitable for every season of the year.

According to the 2021 nail polish cosmetics trend, you can choose your favorite and desired nail polish color. For example, choosing the right nail polish color for winter makes you feel great on cold winter days.

The importance of nail polish

Nail design can increase the beauty of your nails and boast your confidence in any situation. It also has an effect on the shape and style of your nails and makes your nails look more attractive.

Nail design makes you feel good, so it is better to use different nail designs that are very ideal and suitable and design your nails in the most beautiful way possible. Therefore, you need to have the necessary sensitivity and accuracy when designing and arranging your nails.

Types of nail shapes

Types Of Nail Extensions hapes

Hands and nails are a part of the body that is very effective in appearance and is considered a highlighted point by women for beauty and makeup. When you want to manicure your nails, you should pay attention to your fingers what is the best and most suitable nail model for you.

In the following, we will introduce different nail models and we will help you in choosing the right nail model. Popular types of nail models include:

Almond nails

Almond nail is one of the most popular nail types. In this type, the top of the nail is narrower. Almond nail type is suitable for long and thin fingers. Not good for short nails. So, if you have long and thin fingers, be sure to try this nail design. The main polish color is used for this nail model in a light and neutral way.

Sharp almond nail

This nail type is popular among artists. This model is used for thin fingers and short nails. Scrape the sides of the nail evenly and in parallel and move towards thinning the tip of the nail to reach the desired size.

Round nail

This nail style is seen among people who like short and natural nail models. This type shows your fingers narrower and longer and is suitable for people who have short and wide fingers. The round nail model is short and does not require much care, and you do not have any restrictions in choosing nail polish, and you can choose any color of nail polish.

Square nail type

The square nail model is more durable than other models and is suitable for short fingers. You can use bright, screaming and shiny colors to choose the polish for styling this model.

Oval-square nail type

This nail model has a delicate appearance. With the help of a razor, the oval and square models are combined. This nail model is suitable for people who have long and narrow nails and fingers. For this model, you can use any color of lacquer, from light and soft colors to sharp and bold colors.

Ballerina nail type

This nail model is inspired by ballerina dance shoes. In this model, more scraping is used on the outer edges of the nail and the outer edges of the nail become narrower.

Sharp oval nail type

This model is suitable for both short and wide fingers and long and elongated fingers. It is almost similar to the almond type, but you have to scrape the top of it wider. To choose the right polish, you can choose from pastel color polishes to have more stylish designs.

Rectangular nail type

The rectangular type of nail is similar to the square type, which is also known as the vase model. This model has a flat head and is taller than the square model. Due to the length of the nail and the low surface area of ​​the nail tip, it has a high probability of fragility so make sure to choose this type when you don’t have a busy week.

Sharp nail type

Sharp nail type has many fans. This model is suitable for people who have small nails and oysters, but is not recommended for people who have long fingers. This nail model is fragile and needs more protection than regular ones you might choose.

Stilettos nail type

The Stilettos nail model is shown very long. This nail needs a lot of care. This nail model is of interest to adventurous, excited and hot-tempered people.

Lipstick nail type

This nail model is sharp and edgy and is similar in shape to lipstick.

The most popular nail color for 2021

The latest model of stylish nail design for 2021 is a combination of yellow and gray. There are many ideas for nail design and you can choose the right design according to your taste.

How to choose the best nail extension model

To choose a nail extension model, you must first pay attention to the shape of your finger to have a better result of your nail extension:

  • Oval and square model is suitable for wide fingers and nails.
  • If it is narrow, use the square model.
  • Round model is suitable for short nails.
  • If your nails are flat, a square or square oval model is right for you.

Manicure and nail design along with the beauty of your nails will strengthen your looks. Some people like pink or red lacquer. These people may use less colors for design. We suggest that you choose different colors and designs of your nails than ever before to be sure that it changes your mood.

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The most beautiful nail designs in 2021

Nail design with graphic details

graphic nail design

This nail model can be used for summer with a lot of colors to pop your looks for this season. For this nail model, contrasting colors are used to show more details. If you are a fan of soft colors, you can use this design with other softer colors at the same time using graphic designs.

CD nail design

CD nail design

This design model uses pleasant colors that reflect light. If you are a fan of hologram colors, this design is the one for you.

Zigzag nail design

zigzag nail design

This design is very complex, but when the design is drawn on the nail, a great pattern appears. This nail design model is suitable for summer days.

Marble design

marble nail design

It is an attractive and popular design that is used in summer and is usually designed on one or two nails.

Metallic nail design

metallic nail design

Metallic nail design has a stunning shine. It is better to have this model on longer nails than usual.

Galaxy Nail Design

galaxy nail design

This design is space-inspired and has become a popular design model for summer 2021.

Ombre nails or highlight nail design

ombre nail design

This design is done with the help of a brush or sponge and you can apply the desired polish color on your fingertip in the faded mode.

Neon nail design

neon nail design

This design creates a special and different effect on simple and classic colors.

French Nail design

french nail design

The French is usually painted white. A variety of attractive French colors are a great offer in 2021.

New nail polish designs

Nail polish and nail design is exciting. Designing in any time and situation can show the beauty of nails many times and also make the style and appearance of nails more attractive. If you want to design on nails, it is better to use different types of lead-free and plant-based polishes for your designs according to the trend of the year and the season you are in.

  • Pastel and light colors: This color spectrum is very trendy due to its elegance and beauty in the variety of colors.
  • Special and colored French: Colored French is a design model on nails with the help of different colors of varnish that multiplies the beauty of your nails.
  • Light brown to light brown lacquer: Brown is one of the most popular colors in autumn and winter.
  • Pink lacquer color spectrum: This color is very beautiful and is trendy in every season and gives you a natural and special look.
  • Marble beat color design: The use of blue color along with the combination of other colors whisked together nail polish in your nails is a beautiful combination. Almost like different color clouds wrapped together in the wind.
  • Black and white with Marble beat designs: Black and white has always been a favorite color of fashion and beauty designers and can be used in all seasons.

Toenail design

In summer, women use sandals and open front slippers. The appearance of the toenails is very important when using sandals. There are a variety of designs for toenails that you can use to add to the beauty of your toenails. you can see some of most popular toenail designs in the picture below:

Toenail Design Ideas


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