How to do Nail Gelish at home

When you go to a manicurist for a manicure, probably first thing you are asked is if you want regular nail polish or gelish? If you do not know much about temporary gel polish and its advantages and disadvantages, join us in the article on How to do Nail Gelish at home so that we can review everything about it.

What is Gelish?

First of all, it is better to know that gelish or gel polish is different from gel nail implantation. Gel polish is only used to design nails and use different colors to beautify the appearance of nails. In fact, nail gelish does not change the shape or height of the nails. Gel polish is a thin, liquid gel that is produced in bottles similar to nail polish. The method of using nail gelish is just like regular nail polish. With the help of a small brush on the top of the bottle, the gel is applied to the nails. One of the benefits of nail gelish is that it dries late; With this feature, you no longer need to apply your polish as fast as possible so that the brush effect does not remain on it.

The difference between gel and nail polish

The appearance and use of gel polish are similar to ordinary nail polish. The difference is that gel polish, unlike the usual type, does not dry in the open air. In fact, nail gelish requires a UV device to dry in order to solidify. The varnish will harden after you put your nails under the UV or LED light at the appointed time. If you want to apply your nail gelish in several steps, you will have to re-expose the nails to the light of the lamp after each layer to dry. Even in the final stage, when the top coat needs to be varnished, you need to put the nails under the machine. Top coat is used as a final coating on nails for firmness and protection of the original varnish and can be glossy or matte.

The benefits of nail gelish

Nail gelish in addition to always bringing you healthy and beautiful nails, there are other benefits that have fascinated many women:

People who are accustomed to nail biting can gelish their nails to make it too bitter to quit the habit.

  • During daily activities such as washing, cooking, etc., nail gelish does not get chipped and does not crack. If you are accustomed to a lot of activity or work in art fields, nail gelish can stay on your nails longer than regular nail polish.
  • Nail gelish is resistant to changes such as working with hot water, continuous work as well as abrasions. However, ordinary lacquer has no resistance to the above conditions and quickly fades and loses its transparency.
  • We have all spent a lot of time drying the varnish and we know very well that some things cannot be done while the varnish is drying. However, the nail gelish dries quickly and completely in the machine and there is no need to worry about it being damaged during the drying time.
  • The use of nail gelish is very suitable for people who deal with chemicals, alcohol, acetone, etc. on a daily basis and does not damage the nails.
  • With gel polish, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning your nail polish on the go, and you do not need to spend time repairing your damaged nail gelish.

Disadvantages of nail gelish

Gel polish is not harmful to natural nails. Of course, some report damage to the nail after using nail gelish; But these injuries are not due to the nature of the gel. But other factors such as how to clean and the quality of materials have a great impact on it. It will not cause any damage to the nails if the steps of doing the nail gelish have been done correctly and the quality materials have been used, and we have also cleaned it properly.

Some people think that using nail gelish prevents natural nails from breathing. It is interesting to know that nails are considered dead parts of the body and do not need to breathe. If you feel that your nail tissue is slightly damaged after removing the gel, use a nail repair cream or oil. Also, do not destroy the cuticle during the nail manicure; Because it can lead to infection.

The price of nail gelish

The cost of nail gelish varies according to different factors. The above cost can vary from 40 to 120 thousand tomans depending on the desired area in the city, brand and quality of the used equipment surely have tremendous effect on the final price. Of course, when you use other materials for nail design or want to have a different design on each nail, the cost of this will be higher. For example, the cost of chrome lacquer, which looks like a metal coating, is calculated per use per nail.

Of course, if you prefer to pay less for nail gelish, it is better to do this at home by buying a special kit for nail gelish. You may have to pay more than one session at the manicurist just to buy this collection first; But if in the long run, you will see that this method will be more economical considering the future costs for each time you go to the manicurist. To buy nail gelish kits, you can go to any shopping center that sell cosmetics.

Equipment needed for nail gelish

If you want to apply gel polish at home, first of all you must have the necessary tools to do so, and in addition to the varnish and UV device, you must also provide other essential tools.

Top coat and base coat are two essential products for applying gel polish

To apply gel polish, you must use a base coat before work and a top coat after finishing work. Of course, some brands contain base coats or top coats and you do not need to get them separately. Also, base coats and top coats do not have to be from the same brand.

UV or LED lamp is an important tool for nail gelish

Gelish varnish should be placed under a UV lamp to dry. UV lamp dries these varnishes in 1 to 3 minutes and LED lamp dries these varnishes in 30 to 60 seconds. Gelish 18G is one of the best LED lamps on the market, which is also reasonably priced. Suitable UV lamp CNDShellc Official UV Lamp is also economical and widely used.

Pure acetone needed for nail gelish

Pure acetone gel polish is needed to clean the polish. 91% alcohol is suitable for removing gel polish. 91% alcohol should be used before applying nail gelish and for cleaning nails. Of course, any type of alcohol above 70% is enough for this.

Crystal or glass Nail file are an important tool in nail gelish

Crystal and glass Nail file are made in a way as if the file is inside the glass. Of course, there are other Nail files in the market in which the Nail file does not stick to the glass. Of course, the second category file do not last as long as the first category. Crystal and glass Nail files can be used many times and do not need to be cleaned. Of course, these files are mostly recommended for personal use.

Nail gelish shaker, a tool for simplifying nail gelish

Providing this device is optional, but having it makes everything so much easier. This device is used to dilute the gel, which is thick itself, and is also used to prevent the gel from spreading.

Hand cream or cuticle oil, an important tool in varnishing

As mentioned, pure acetone should be used to remove Gelish varnish. But since acetone dries the nails and the skin around it a lot, it is better to use cuticle oil or hand cream after using it.

Complete nail gelish training at home

To gelish your nails, first manicure your nails. In this way, we can shorten its size as desired and scrape it. Then, using a file, we create lines and scratches on the surface of the nail so that the varnish sits better on it. Since the use of nail gel, like working with materials, can cause fungus, first of all we apply antifungal. Then we apply the special primer for the gel and let it stay in the open space for a few moments to dry.

In the next step, we have to apply the base coat. First, cut the middle of the nail and then the cuticle. We have to apply the base coat on the nails in two steps. After each step, we put our hands under the UV device to dry well and get ready for the gel polish.

Apply the gel polish on the nails like ordinary nail polish and place it under the device to dry. If you feel that the varnish is light and needs a few more coats, you can apply the varnish again on the nails and put it under the device each time. Finally, to increase the durability and appearance of the nails, we use top shine. After this step, the hands should be placed under the device.

The durability of nail gelish

Due to the variability of nail specialization and their tools and materials, the shelf life of nail gelish is also different. On average, one to three weeks can be considered for the shelf life of gel polish. Note that nail gelish cannot be removed with acetone and nail gelish remover. Cleaning gel polish requires more expertise that is done in manicurist and nail salons. The one to three weeks that we have said for the durability of nail gelish is the time when the nails are healthy, without puffiness and blackening. Otherwise, if you do not clean it after a month, the gel will remain on the nails with a shape not so similar to its original appearance. Especially at this time, the nail will grow naturally and a crescent shape will form at the end. If the nail gelish is covered fully, never try to strip it off the nail by hand. Because the possibility of damaging the nail tissue is high. Therefore, it is better to repair gel nails.

Is LED device better or UV?

Usually, either a LED or UV device is used to dry the gel polish, each of which has its own pros and cons. Some experts believe that UV lamps make nails shiny and cheaper than LED lamps. Drying in a UV device takes longer than in an LED device, and the lamp needs to be replaced from time to time. Another important point is that UV rays in the long run and if used continuously can cause skin blemishes.

How to reduce the risk of UV exposure?

In 2013, the American Skin Cancer Foundation conducted a study on the use of UV devices in nail salons. The results of this study showed that people who use UV devices have a longer risk of developing skin cancer. There is a term. Of course, the risk is very small; For this reason, dermatologists recommend that you apply sunscreen on the skin of the hand before placing your hand in the device.

If you have any questions about nail gelish training at home, let us know in the comments section. Our experts will answer you as soon as possible.

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