Necessary Cosmetics kit for beginners

If you are new to makeup world, it is important to know which cosmetics are for Necessary beginners. Stay tuned.

Full Makeup Kit List For Beginners

Necessary Cosmetics kit for beginners

Moisturizing lotion

The surface of the skin is defenseless against environmental damage and easily loses its moisture and dries, so it is necessary that you use a moisturizing cream every day to keep your skin moist. The use of these creams after washing the skin is very necessary because these creams trap moisture on the skin surface to make it soft and supple. Moisturizing face creams usually do not have lubricating properties so they won’t cause acne and skin inflammation.


Having a quality concealer is a must. Concealer helps cover dark solvents under your eyes or blemishes and even shape your hairline. Make sure it is close to the natural color of your skin to get the best results.

Concealers are actually light and colored compact powder creams that you can use before or after foundation. Of course, some people say that it is better to use it after foundation. These concealers are available in different forms, the ones in the form of Stick concealer which is easier to use, other types are semi-solid and liquid concealers.


Having a foundation is definitely essential. There are various foundations with different brands that you can use. Liquid, creamy, powdery and mineral mousse. Depending on the result you are looking for, one or more of these can be useful for you.

Buy the foundation according to your skin type, neither too light nor too dark.


Women who are perfect make-up artists know blush well. This beautiful color substance makes your face look fresh by giving color to the cheeks, and it is an essential cosmetic, especially for people who have used powder cream with medium and high coverage.


The beauty of the eyes depends on having long, black and conditioned eyelashes, but not everyone has this blessing, and many women have short, straight or pale eyelashes. In this situation, a suitable mascara is what you need and you can use it to have beautiful, dermatological and attractive eyes.

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Lipstick has a very special place in makeup and it can play the role of a complete makeup on the face by itself. Therefore, it is clear that all women need a number of lipsticks in their collection of cosmetics and should choose the color of these lipsticks based on the color of their skin and the situations in which they apply makeup.


Few people can be found who are make-up artists but are not interested in eye liner. Eyeliner has a tremendous effect on the beauty of the eyes and the beauty of the face and causes a dramatic change in the face. Of course, there are different types of eyeliner, but it is easier to use the pencil and gel type.


Using a highlighter makes your face look smaller and makes the effect of light on your face more beautiful.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a cosmetic tool to increase the attractiveness, depth and shape of the eyes, but these cosmetics have different types and you need at least two of them. A type of shade with soft colors close to skin color such as pink, nude colors and… and a type of shade with special, fancy and attractive colors such as blue, purple and…

Brush set

A quality set that has all the brushes you need will guarantee your ability to pull off every look.

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