Self-makeup with a few simple tricks for beginners!!

Self-makeup is one of the arts that most women would like to learn, because then they no longer need to go to beauty salons or at least less time and money would be spend on simple daily makeup. In this article, you can easily do your own makeup with a few simple tricks.

If you also love eyeliner in eye makeup, you can easily draw a beautiful trailing eyeliner with the help of your tablespoon!

Curling eyelashes with a tablespoon

draw eyeliner using tablespoon

One of the most important tricks in self-makeup is curling your eyelashes. If you do not have access to curler while applying makeup, or you are one of the women who have difficulty using a curler and are worried about their eyelashes falling out, you can use your tablespoon and curl your eyelashes.

Learn to apply blush with a tablespoon in self-makeup

Do you have trouble adding blush and finding the protrusion of your cheeks? Don’t worry, with this trick, you can easily add your blush with a tablespoon. To do this, place the spoon on your cheek so that the protrusion of your cheek is inside the spoon.

Filling eyebrows with a tablespoon in self-makeup

filling-eyebrows using tablespoon

Do not worry if you have trouble defining your eyebrows. With this trick, you can easily determine the area of ​​your eyebrows and fill it with eyebrow shadow or pencil.

prevent the back of your eyelid from getting dirty

This is one of the best tricks to have a clean and flawless makeup. To prevent the back of your eyelid from getting dirty, stick the spoon behind your eyelid and then start applying mascara.

Nail design using tablespoon

nail design using tablespoon

Take your tablespoon that you no longer use. Pour in the two colors of nail varnish or nail polish and mix with a toothpick. Then gently insert your nail into it to color the surface of your nail. After drying, wipe the sides of your nails with nail varnish remover.

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