Simple Hair Braiding Tutorial

  • How to braid your hair in classic method?
  • How to do French hair braid?
  • What is the fishbone hair braid method?
  • How to make a beautiful wicker hair braid?

In the article “Simple hair braiding tutorial“, we have described the training of all the mentioned methods to braid hair.

simple briaiding styles

Simple hair braid training is one of the most sought after items on the internet and in hairdressing training videos. Teaching different types of hair braid is another issue that has been considered by young girls. Simple hair braid is one of the oldest and simplest hairstyles that has different types. In this article, we are going to explain 4 hair braid tutorials for you. In addition to beauty, hair braid also makes the hair beautiful and clean. We hope you find this article useful.

Simple Braided Hairstyles

Classic simple hair braiding tutorials

  • Comb your hair first.
  • Separate the front of the hair from the back of your hair.
  • Gather your hair in the back and tie a ponytail. (You can tie some of the back of the hair to the ponytail for the braid according to your taste, pour the rest of the hair straight behind your head).
  • Divide your hair into three equal parts.
  • Start braiding the hair.
  • Place the right side of the hair crosswise on the left side of the hair.
  • Place the left strand of hair crosswise on the right strand in the middle of the head.
  • Place the right and left strands of hair crosswise on the middle strand of hair.
  • Braid your hair to the end in this way and finally with a tie. When finished, open the woven parts by hand and volume.
  • You can customize the front of your hair that you have separated from the back of your hair.
  • You can also use colored ribbons to make your hair texture more beautiful. Put the colored ribbon on a strand of hair according to your taste and braid.

Simple French hair braiding tutorial

In this method, take the hair and divide it into three branches and simply bring the right branch on the middle branch, then the left branch on the middle branch. Then start adding hair from each side, to do this, take a bunch of hair from the right and add it to the right branch and bring it on the middle branch, repeat this for the left side, take a bunch of hair from the left Take it and add it to the left branch and bring it together on the middle branch. Continue like this until the end.

Also, to see different hair braid models, visit the image gallery of different hair braid ideas.

Simple fishbone hair braiding tutorial

In this method, take the part of the hair that you want to be braided as a fishbone and divide it into two equal parts, then take a strip from the outside of the left hair and take it into the right part, as well as a strip from the outside. Remove the hair on the right and move it into the left, continuing in the same way until you reach the end of the hair.

Wicker hair braiding tutorial

The wicker hair braid is 4, 6, 8 or 12 pieces.

In this section, we will teach 6-piece wicker braid hair. In this method, separate a bunch of hair that you want to be woven into a mat and divide it into 6 equal branches, placing 3 branches on the right and three branches on the left.

Now from the right, place the innermost branch below, up and down in the side of the left branches, then the second branch on the right, face up, down and in the side of the left branches and in Finally, the third branch on the right is placed below, up and down on the left side of the branches. Do the same steps for the three branches on the left and start from the innermost branch on the left and do the same texture as the branches on the right and continue the same procedure until the end until the hair braid is finished. Wicker hair braid is very useful in styling.

Simple hair braid crown style

Follow the following steps for crown hair braid.

  1. First, separate the hair with a comb and make sure it is tidy.
  2. Braid both sides of the hair in a simple, classic and fishbone way.
  3. Then wrap the hair around your head and fix it with a clip. Make sure they are in two different directions.
  4. Spray fixative on your hair. You can also decorate your hair braid with flower blossoms.

Some Important Tips about braiding

Do I have to dry my hair before braiding?

Allow your hair to dry naturally before braiding.
If you are constantly braiding your hair, it is better to use strengthening serums for your hair.

How many weeks can we keep African braid on our hair?

To maintain the health of your skin and hair, it is better for it to stay on your hair for a maximum of 8 weeks. Also, do not forget to leave at least a week between hair re-braiding.

How long does it take to curl hair with hair braid?

To curl your hair, it is better to rest your hair for 6-8 hours. If you want to do this while sleeping, it is better to braid your hair loosely.

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