Single hybrid eyelash extensions

Single hybrid eyelash extensions

In this method, single-stranded eyelashes are used. This does not mean that each strand is placed between the eyelashes, but the method is that on each individual eyelash, an eyelash extension strand is placed, so that the volume of the extension is filled in proportion to the volume of the person’s eyelashes. . Eyelash size and height in this method varies according to the shape of the eye and personal taste. Classic eyelash thickness is high because only one strand is used on each eyelash. In this type of extension, eyelashes look more natural, and although it is the first style of eyelash extensions, it is now a common method in beauty salons. The longevity of these lashes is between 6 to 7 months. Classic eyelash extensions are usually repaired between 2 and 4 weeks to remove and replace the lashes that have grown and replace the ones that have fallen out.

Full hybrid eyelash extensions

This method of eyelash extensions was first performed in Russia and Ukraine, hence the name. If you have never had one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. In this method, 2 to 6 false eyelashes are placed on each eyelash strand (D 2 to D6). That’s why it’s called multidimensional extensions. Therefore, the thickness of volume eyelash extensions is less than the classic ones, and the eyelashes are very light, thin, and made of natural silky strands. Depending on the shape of your eyes and the type of eyelashes, the work extension decides how to combine the eyelashes so that your eyes have a more beautiful shape. This extension model is thicker than the previous method and has more durability than the classic eyelash extension method.

What are Classic Single Eyelashes?

Classic lashes are an extension that is applied to a natural lash in a one-to-one ratio depending on the size of your natural lashes. The lower part of these lashes is cut to create a smooth lash bottom, which creates the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes.

How long do classic single lashes last?

The natural life cycle of a natural eyelash can be as short as two weeks and up to eight weeks because your lashes are at different stages of their growth cycle at any given time. Your extensions do not fall out all at once, and you may find that cracks appear a few weeks after the extensions are applied. Classic lashes or lash extensions are said to result in fuller and longer lashes. This semi-permanent treatment lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.

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