Important tips for buying mascara

Choosing and buying a quality mascara can be very important, since the eyes are the most important organ of facial makeup, so paying attention to the type of mascara and choosing the right one is very important and necessary among all. The use of mascara is a priority because mascara is one of the most popular accessories in a daily make up kit.

Volume mascara is a liquid mascara that is used to darken, thicken or lengthen eyelashes; and this mascara is very suitable among the types of mascaras that exist. Due to the importance of mascara, there are usually few people who do not use mascara in their makeup, and are usually people who use less mascara due to the sensitivity of their eyes.

Careful selection of mascara is usually the most important thing in buying mascara, because there are different brands that have formulas for volume, thickening, lifting and strengthening eyelashes, but it is possible that even with these features a product still be tagged as low quality product.

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How to choose the right mascara?

bubble mascara

When buying mascara, the most important point is to pay attention to the production date of the product, and not just mascara make sure to be careful about this one when buying cosmetics or any other product. But since we’re on the mascara topic you should know why it matters so much. It is because outdated or old mascaras can cause serious damage to the health of your eyes and eyelashes, with this simple test, you can prevent your eyes from infection.

In buying the best mascara, the most important thing that is essential to be considered and examined in addition to the date of production and expiration, is the shape of the mascara brush.
It’s very important that the brush can catch on the strands softly and coat all of them in mascara. In fact, the more space there is between the brush bristles, the better the brush works in separating your lashes, and this action can also create a good coverage on the lashes.
Usually, people who have long eyelashes, in order to buy the best mascara suitable for their eyelashes, use a volumizing mascara, which can be used to give a suitable volume to the eyelashes. In using this type of mascara, you should also add another layer after the first stage of mascara dries, apply the mascara again so that the lashes do not look ugly and badly shaped.

Buying and usage of colored mascara

 colored mascara

It is better to prioritize the use of colored mascaras for variety, because colored mascaras are very attractive and interesting; but you cannot use this type of mascara constantly, so it is better to use this type of mascara for birthdays and happy parties, which can give a special effect to your eyelashes.

The most important tips for buying mascara

1- Paying attention to the length of the eyelashes

There are various brands of mascara in the market that people can buy according to their needs. But in general, it is important to pay attention to the length of the lashes. Because making the eyelashes too long take out its natural state and create an ugly appearance.

2- The effect of eyelash thickness

If you have thick and prominent eyelashes, using the types of light and standard mascaras that are available in the market can meet your needs. But otherwise, to have thick eyelashes, you should go for mascaras with different brushes.

3- The type of brush is influential in your choice

Some people go for products with large brushes while buying mascara. You should know that this choice depends entirely on people’s tastes. In fact, women should consider their comfort in the first place. For example, curved brushes help them to apply mascara well on all parts of the lashes and do not cause any blemishes on other parts of the face.

4- Select waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascaras are important in many cases so crying and getting your eyes and face wet won’t ruin your makeup. For this reason, we recommend that you go for brands that have a waterproof formula.

5- Choosing the best color

As you know, black is the most popular color when buying mascara. But the point is that you should never underestimate the choice of mascara color. Other colors such as brown, blue, etc. have many uses these days and people can have different choices depending on the style of clothing and the type of ceremony in which they participate.

6- Mascara price range

The price range of eyebrow and eyelash mascaras depends on the brand of the manufacturer, the materials used and…

7- Early drying of mascara

It is also important for the mascara to dry quickly. If you have to wait a few minutes for it to dry completely after each use of mascara, you will get into trouble. You are looking for a mascara that dries easily and makes your eyebrows and lashes look good. Mascaras that do not dry quickly usually make the top part and around the eyebrows stained and dirty when sweating.

Types of mascara brush and wands

types of mascara wands

Thick brush mascara

Thick brushes are used to thicken (volume) and push back all kinds of lashes. These brushes usually use thick bristles that extract a larger volume of mascara and place it on the lashes. The use of this model is recommended for long and short eyelashes.

Thin Brush Mascara

For people with short and smooth lashes, it is recommended to buy a thin brush mascara. With a thin brush, each of the small lashes is covered and shaped, but it will not affect the volume and lengthening of the lashes.

Conical mascara brush

Conical mascaras are used in cat eyes make ups. The thin upper hairs cover the inner and middle lashes and the long hairs cover the outer long lashes.

Curved mascara brush

Buying curved mascara brush should be on the list of cosmetics for all people with short and straight eyelashes or long and dull. These mascaras also help a lot in curling the lashes.

S-shaped mascara brush

This type of mascara is very useful and makes the lashes long and voluminous. By buying S-shaped mascara, all parts of the eyelashes, even the inner corners of the eyes, are covered. You can use these types of masks with s-shaped brush without worrying about the mascara accumulating on your lashes.

Ball mascara brush

Buying ball mascara is suitable for spot mascara and is usually used by makeup artists.

Hourglass mascara brush

Hourglass mascara brush is mostly used to shape and volume the lashes on the outer corner of the eye. If the lashes on the outer corners of the eye are well sized, it will help the eyes to be seen more openly.

Bubble brush mascara

This type of mascara performs the task of volumizing and shaping in the best possible way. Use different types of bubble mascara brush if you want your lashes to be both voluminous and conditioned.

How to distinguish genuine mascara from counterfeit or fake-mascara

Some of the most important things in determining whether a mascara is genuine or minor are as follows

  • Counterfeit mascara has an unpleasant odor
  • Original mascara has a specific production and expiration date

Counterfeit mascaras are often difficult to remove with eye cleansers

  • The color of counterfeit mascara is strangely black

Closing remarks

Due to the fact that the eye is a very sensitive organ, it is better to be careful in buying eye care equipment to provide a safe product among the various products that exist so that you do not have any problems. Also, the most important thing about the shape of the eyebrows is that it fits the person’s face and makes his face more beautiful. If you want a pleasant face, remember to always keep your eyebrows tidy. One of the most popular cosmetics these days is eyebrow mascara. Today, considering the many counterfeit products that exist, it is certainly not an easy task to buy a suitable brand. So it is better to pay attention to the said points to make the right choice.

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