Tips on choosing eye shadow

There are definitely different cosmetics for face makeup. From powder cream to eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick that is very popular. But in the meantime, several different eye cosmetics have been designed uniquely. This shows the importance of eye makeup.

Everyone’s face has two very important focal points. One of these focal points is the lips and the other focal point is each person’s eyes. Focal points mean that they attract the audience’s attention. This means that if your eye makeup or, for example, your choice of eye shadow is appropriate, the audience’s attention will be drawn to your eyes. Choosing the right eye shadow color or choosing the right lipstick for your skin color is very important.

There are different types of eyeliner, different types of mascara and so on… but in the meantime, eye shadow is a much more diverse matter. The reason for this is the existence of various colors that eye shadows come in these days.

Different types of eye shadow

Before we talk about the appropriateness of choosing eye shadow color, you should know that there are different types of eye shadow. This variety is not about color or glittery shines and its simplicity. At present, there are powder, pencil and cream eye shadows in the Iranian market.

You can choose one of them based on your skin type or use and need. To make your eye shadow very accurate or when you want to shade your eyelid line, it is better to use pencil eye shadow. On the other hand, it is better to use a brush to apply powder eye shadow. Eye shadow with a makeup pad is not accurate enough and you cannot create a proper design on your eyelid.

Cream eye shadow is very rare in Iran. Of course, this type of shadow does not have much use in eye makeup. Usually, people with very dry skin prefer this type of shade. Such shadows are better for dry faces and when you require a long-lasting affect.

Choose eye shadow color that matches your eye color

Fortunately, the variety of human eye colors is limited and we can examine them one by one. In this way, everyone with their unique eye color knows how to choose a suitable eye shadow.

Brown eyes

The reason we started with brown eyes is that most Iranians have brown eye color. It is interesting to know that the simplest eye color to choose eye shadow color is brown. As for the color of brown eyes, it is said that contrasting colors should be used, but it is interesting that almost any color of eye shadow creates a beautiful combination with brown eyes.

In this case, to choose the color, you must also pay attention to the condition of your eyes. If your eyes are bulging and you want it to be less visible, then you should use colors such as purple and eggplant. These colors make your eyes look deeper and hide the prominence of your eyes.

On the other hand, if the opposite is true, you should use light pink or gold. The choice of shade color for brown eyes should be according to the type and shape of the eyes. This way, by choosing a light color theme, your eyes will look more prominent and bigger.

Hazel eye color

Hazel or honey eyes are relatively similar to brown eyes, but only a few degrees lighter. For this eye color, it is recommended to use metallic shadow colors. It is generally better to use a golden or dark pink color theme as eye shadow. If you want your eyes to get all the attention, it is better to apply a little dark green shadow under your eyes. Of course, you should not exaggerate on this issue at all. Too much zinc in the shade of green may have the opposite effect.

Green eyes

People with green eye color do not need to attract the attention of others with their eyeshadow at all. Their God-given eyes have a very beautiful glow and shine to them. For this reason, preferably the group of people with green eyes should be very careful in choosing eye shadow. Their shadow color should be completely natural and not too shiny at all. Sharp eye shadow color in these people has the opposite effect and makes their eyes less beautiful. As a result, if you have green eyes, you should use light face colors, matte gold or very light brown as eye shadow.

Blue eye color

Usually a small percentage of Iranians have blue eyes. This is why there is not much information about this beautiful eye color among makeup artists. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly choose dark eye shadow for their blue eyes. This eliminates the glint of blue eyes.

The best eye shadow for people with blue eyes is champagne for eyelids and brown for eye lines. Blur the border between the two colors completely with a brush so that your eyes look much more beautiful than they really are.

Gray eye color

In fact, perhaps less than one percent have this particular eye color in Iran. But if your eyes have this unique color or you prefer to use a gray colored lens in a ceremony, you should go for smoky colors. For example, smoky gray or blue with a silver theme can be a good choice for your eye shadow.

Choose the color of the eye shadow to suit the eye state

In fact, choosing the color of eye shadow has nothing to do with the shape and form of the eye. But for one reason only, we mentioned this in this section, and that is how to draw eye shadow. Those who have eyes with drooping eyelids should cast upward shadows. Likewise, those who have prominent eyes should apply dark shadows both above and below the eyes to make their eyes look dark.

On the other hand, those who have small eyes should not wear shadows under the eyes at all. This will make their eyes look smaller. This group of people preferably draw a short shadow up to the eyelid line and upwards.

Choose eye shadow color that matches your hair color

Definitely one of the factors that have a great impact on choosing eye shadow is hair color. Hair color has a great effect on the face. Changing a simple hair color may even make us unfamiliar at first glance. A large volume of the face is made up of our hair, which is why the color of our face mold is made up of our skin tone and our hair color. Therefore, we should expect to pay attention to hair color when choosing eye shadow color.

Dark hair

If your hair color is dark or brown, it means that you have a variety of choices in choosing eye shadow. Almost any color will be ideal for you and you can rely on it to match your eye color for more accuracy. Of course, using strong colors like black, purple, yellow, green and brown will really work great with your dark hair color.

On the other hand, if your skin is light and your hair color is black, neutral colors such as gold and beige and pastel colors will be a good option for you.

Blonde hair color

Among Iranian women, blonde hair color is very popular. Most women may prefer to change their hair to this color, so choosing eye shadow that matches your blonde hair will be very important. The color of blonde is light in itself, now if you have light or pale skin, you should use a dark shade to eliminate this condition.

On the other hand, if you prefer natural makeup, then you should go for gray, pink, black or blue so that your appearance won’t look artificial and fake at all.

Red or wine hair color

If you have red or burgundy hair color, you should know that your hair color shows enough. For this reason, it is better to use simpler shades such as acoustic, gold, olive or copper. These colors make your look not so weird and artificial. Do not try to use the shade of red in any way, you will definitely regret it.

Icy or white hair color

If your hair has turned white over time or you have intentionally turned it icy, you should choose an icy color theme as eye shadow. Of course, here you should also pay attention in choosing eye shadow that suits your eye color. But if your skin is neutral, you can use gray, lilac or blue as eye shadow.

Choose eye shadow color that matches your skin color

As mentioned, skin color and hair color are the two dominant colors that characterize our face. For this reason, it is natural to consider the skin color in choosing eye shadow.

Brown or dark skin tone

Many people mistakenly believe that people with this skin color should use neutral colors as eye shadow. But you should know that deeper colors can give a lot of beauty to the eyes of this group of people. For this reason, colors such as dark blue, purple and coral in combination with their skin color will be very attractive.

Light skins

It is widely believed that light-skinned people can use any color for their eye shadow. This is true, but certainly a series of colors are more attractive than other colors. Warm colors such as light pink, green or purple give a special warmth to light faces. On the other hand, these people can use light gray colors to make their makeup smoky. The smoky makeup is very unique and quite stylish and modern.

Olive green themed skins

These people have Olive green skin. People with Olive green skin often have trouble choosing eye shadow. Many of these people choose eye shadow that suits their eye color and do not pay attention to their skin color. Of course, this is not so difficult, and if you are Olive green, you should know that brown, amber and gold colors will be a great choice for your eye shadow color.

Medium skin color

When your skin color is Medium, it means neither too dark nor too light. In this situation, you are definitely very lucky, because most eye shadow colors will be suitable for you. In some cases, people who have this skin color, seek to choose eye shadow that suits their eye color. But in general, the use of smoky gray, dark brown, dark pink and dark purple can be recommended to these people.

Closing remarks:

Finally, in addition to choosing the type and color of eye shadow, choosing the right brand is also very effective in the beauty of your makeup. Most of us may believe that foreign brands are of higher quality. But at the same time, you have to keep in mind that cosmetics, unlike other foreign devices such as cars or home appliances, are highly dependent on the climate of the consuming country.

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