How To Wax Face At Home

Face wax tutorial:

The face is one of the most sensitive parts that people pay a lot of attention to and the beauty of their face is important to them, in order to multiply this beauty, we recommend facial wax for more shiny skin due to facial hair loosening the roots. We recommend wax for removing the hair it can help preventing pimples and cuts that threading creates on the face. Excess facial hair can be annoying and uncomfortable. Hair on the upper side of the lips, above the eyebrows, and hair that grows along the jawbone are some of the things that make the face unattractive.

Facial waxing

Use face kits for facial waxing, cold wax is also very suitable for this area.

Special waxing for the upper side of the lips

You can use regular wax for this area. The use of tweezers or shaving and thread to remove excess hair in this area are also good tools.

Waxing for eyebrows

A razor and tweezers can be a good tool for removing excess hair on the eyebrows. But if you want to clean your eyebrows faster and with longer effect, you can also use kits and cold wax tapes for waxing this part of the face.

Face wax tutorial

For facial wax, we first clean the skin so that it is free of any contamination and does not get pimples and inflammation after waxing. Then we remove some of the material using a wooden abaisse-langue and apply it vertically on one area of ​​the face. We do a few circular motions on the wax to spread the material well on the hair to separate them from the roots. Note that the edges of the wax on the face area should be thick so that no material remains on the skin when it is lifted. After applying the wax on the face, spray the dryer on it. You can wait a while for the ingredients to dry naturally on the skin. But the use of drying spray significantly reduces this time. Then we pull the skin with one hand and with the other hand, we lift the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth to get rid of the roots.

To remove the remnants of wax on the face, spray some solution after waxing on the makeup pad and apply on the skin. Then apply a small amount of face wax lotion on the skin and apply it on the skin using a clean pad or cotton.

Use wax tapes made for face

Use wax tapes for facial skin. The wax pack or facial tapes usually contain a spatula or several wax tapes that are for specific areas of the face. Facial waxes are softer than body waxes because facial skin is far more sensitive than other parts of the body.

You can buy facial waxes from centers that sell cosmetics or reputable online stores. Cold wax kit is more suitable for the face. These kits contain several tapes. These waxes are easier to use and do less damage to the facial skin than hot waxes.

Fine facial hair also needs shaving; but the important thing is what method and tools should be used to do this. The wax tapes easily and without going to the makeup artists can be used by any person and removes fine and fluffy facial hair faster and with less pain than other methods.

Wax tape works like hot wax; but there is no need to heat or preparation of a special pad. There are some hot Facial waxes that may cause irreversible damage to the skin; but this tape is heated by holding it between the palms of the hands and it can be attached to the skin and get rid of excess hair with one movement.

Steps to use a facial wax tape

When using wax tapes, you should pay attention to a few points and there are steps to follow before starting so that you do not get involved in skin problems after using face wax and wax tapes.

  1. Wash your hands

Clean hands thoroughly with soap and water. This will ensure that dirt and bacteria do not spread to your facial skin. Stand in front of a mirror to master the steps.

2- Determine the direction of hair growth

Wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth. Hair above the eyebrows and forehead usually grows obliquely, and hair on the cheeks and jaw may be oblique or straight.

3- Heat the wax or shaving tape

Heat the tape by holding it between your hands for 30-40 seconds. If you use wax, heat the wax on the stove. First, test a small amount of wax on your wrist. The wax should be warm enough but not too hot to damage the skin. Gently separate the two layers of adhesive tape. Attach one of the strips against the direction of hair growth on the skin and rub it firmly for a few seconds and remove the strip with a quick movement in the opposite direction of hair growth.

4- Cleaning the skin

You can gently clean your skin with a damp cloth. Avoid applying tape on skin that has pimples, sores and cuts. The use of this method and products is not suitable for the elderly and diabetics. It is normal for the skin to become slightly inflamed and red after using a wax strip. Do not scratch the area after hair removal as it may irritate the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, use waxes containing aloe Vera.

If your skin is sensitive or you have acne prone skin, choose aloe Vera facial wax. Aloe Vera helps soothe the skin. Also, if you are taking acne medication, use a facial wax for sensitive skin. Anti-acne medications can make your skin more sensitive to waxing.

Facial wax aftercare:

  • After removing the excess facial hair brand, use a suitable moisturizer. Apply moisturizer to make sure the skin is not irritated and does not lose moisture. Use moisturizers that contain sedatives such as aloe Vera. Do not use moisturizers that contain oils or heavy fragrances as they may clog pores.
  • Never use water your skin for a few hours after waxing.
  • Water can cause inflammation or swelling of the skin after waxing. Wait a few hours to take a shower.
  • Do not wax when you have a pimple or herpes.
  • When you have an infection on your skin, you can spread it all over your skin by waxing. Be sure to let it heal completely and then go to the saloon or hair removal centers.
  • Use an oil-free body lotion after waxing.
  • Make sure the lotion is oil-free as it will close the pores of the skin.

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