What is Eyebrow Hachure?

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In the article “What is eyebrow Hachure? Advantages and disadvantages”, we have examined all the above. Those interested in learning this field can also participate in microblading training, micro pigmentation training and body tattoo training courses, which are held by our school and receive an official certificate.

Definition of eyebrow hachure?

Eyebrow Hachure is one of the hardest and most delicate techniques in tattooing. In this method, very fine lines are created on the lashes of your eyebrows, which will show a thick eyebrow.

Other advanced tattoo techniques include eyebrow shadow, eyebrow highlighting, spot technique, eyebrow magic and more. The difference between a tattoo and a hatch is in the amount of pigment that penetrates the skin.

What are the benefits of eyebrow Hachure?

  1. Eyebrow makeup is one of the most time consuming and laborious face makeup work, because you have to do natural color, proper filling and symmetry. By doing eyebrow shading, you can reduce the time spent on your makeup.
  2. For people who are dissatisfied with the shape of their eyebrows, they can design and then execute eyebrows that they think are more beautiful and fit their face. It is also very suitable for those people who have small eyes.
  3. It is much easier to maintain and care for sunken eyebrows than natural eyebrows.
  4. Those ladies who have lost their eyebrows for any reason, can restore the freshness of their eyebrows with their eyebrows.

Disadvantages of Eyebrow Hachure

Eyebrow Hachure do not have many side effects and disadvantages except for a few cases mentioned in the following article. By observing the hygienic principles, observing the before and after tips and choosing a professional hairdresser, these disadvantages will also be eliminated.

  • Superficial skin infections
  • Sensitivity due to the use of substandard colors

How is eyebrow Hachure done?

Now this can be done both through the device and manually with the pen. Doing this with a pen is also known by the same name as Hachure, which creates uneven and irregular lines in terms of height between the eyebrow hairs, and Hachure with the device is also known as eyebrow micro pigmentation. The two names are exactly the same.

This method is performed by devices that have disposable cartridges. Mineral pigments are implanted in these cartridges on the second layer of the skin. These eyebrows oxidize over time. After about a month, they become a new state.

Eyebrow Hachure tools and materials

Eyebrow Hachure tools and materials

Micro pigmentation device

This device is similar to a pen. The head of this device has a special needle and the end of it is a wire that works with electricity. The buttons on the device also help with power, depth and speed, which you can adjust to your liking. The more powerful the engine used in this device, the higher the durability of the Hachure.


Needles are also an important and necessary tool in eyebrow shading. There are three different types of needles, including T, screw and head plate. The function of these needles is slightly different from each other; For example, a screw needle works much finer than the other two types, and the presence of membranes in these needles will make the work healthier because it does not draw blood and paint into the machine, but there is no such amount of hygiene in the T-needle.


The base colors are suitable for brown eyebrows. The tattoo artist should make sure to use original colors to increase the durability of the work and get a natural color.


These anesthetics are available in three different types, including ointments, drops and pads, which completely eliminate the pain. Ointment anesthesia is used for eyebrows less than the other two types. Drop anesthetics work well, but it is better to apply them carefully on the eyebrows so that they do not come into contact with the eye, because they will be very harmful.

Steps to do eyebrow hachure

Eyebrow design

Today, due to the interest of women in beauty and facial beauty, micro pigmentation has found its place among people. One of the known micro pigmentation uses is eyebrow hachour, which you can read the following steps to get acquainted with the steps of eyebrow hachouring.

Eyebrow anesthesia

After eyebrow design and customer satisfaction with the eyebrow model, you should numb the eyebrows. You should note that with more anesthesia, the possibility of the color settling in decreases. Eyebrow anesthesia can be done with anesthetic creams, anesthetic gels, anesthetic drops and anesthetic pads.

Never use Lidocaine spray, which is one of the most effective anesthetics, for eyebrow anesthesia but it will not allow the color to remain under the skin.

Eyebrow Hachure frame

eyebrow frame

After performing the steps above, first mark the eyebrow frame. By doing this, the eyebrow area is determined. This makes the main eyebrow lines according to the type of Hachuring selected.

Dyeing eyebrow Hachure

After marking and hachuring the eyebrow frame, place the dye that the client wants on the eyebrows, the color you use should be the basis of the natural color of the eyebrows. Use lead-free dyes to avoid allergies. Unfortunately, lead-based paints last longer than high-quality paints.

When preparing Hachures, buy dyes that do not contain iron oxide, alcohol, or nickel. The presence of alcohol in the color of the Hachure causes the dye to fall off. The presence of iron oxide in the color of the hachure makes the hachure red. The element nickel makes the eyebrows red and itchy.

Do the main Hachure

At this stage, fine lines are drawn on the eyebrows with one of the micro pigmentation and micro blading methods. Note that the thinner the lines, the more beautiful and natural the eyebrows will look.

Eyebrow dye

The last step of hachure is to dye the eyebrows. You can do this step before performing the hachure technique. After finishing, shade the end and middle of the eyebrows for more beauty. After finishing the Hachuring steps, the eyebrow color becomes very dark.

After 5 to 7 days and complete recovery of the eyebrows, the eyebrow color becomes pale and natural. After healing the eyebrows, if the color of the hachure fades, you will reach the desired color of the hachure with a restorative session.

Types of Hachure

Eyebrow natural style

Eyebrow natural style hachur

This hachure type is very natural. In this model, only the empty parts of the eyebrows are Hachured. The natural shape of the eyebrows does not change. In this type of eyebrow, the eyebrow works in the direction of the eyebrow sleep and creates fine lines on its side. This Hachuring is usually done with a pen. This type of eyebrow hachure is also called touch eyebow, which is a very delicate and sensitive work, but they have less durability than other types of eyebrows.

Eyebrow fluffy style

Eyebrow fluffy style

This hatching method is the best option for sparse eyebrows. In this method, delicate hair follicles are created side by side. Cracks are the same lines that are commonly created in hairs, except that these lines are slightly smaller and very similar to hair cracks. As a result, your eyebrows appear thicker and look more natural.

Eyebrow Two-dimensional style

Eyebrow Two-dimensional style

This method is suitable for those who have drooping eyebrows. In this method, the eyebrows are not Hachure, but hachure lines are created upwards. The two-dimensional hatcher model is known as the girl’s eyebrow model. All the lines that are created in hachure on the eyebrows and side by side, in the two-dimensional type, all are swept upwards.

At the end of the eyebrows, the direction is reversed and they go down. So if you do not like to have a line under your eyebrows or your eyebrows have a downward direction and are drooping, choose this method.

Eyebrow 3D style

3d eyebrow style

At the end of the steps, a light highlight is applied to the eyebrows, and after the highlight, darker-colored hairs that look like thin eyebrow hairs are created in the middle of the eyebrows. This type of hachure is the most beautiful and popular hachure type. In this method, there is a slight variation in the work between the middle, end and beginning of the eyebrows, because the eyebrow artist tries to make the eyebrows appear thicker by creating a light shade.

In this way, the beginning lines of the eyebrows are raised upwards, the ends of the eyebrows are Hachured from the top to the center and from the bottom to the center. This will make the upper and lower part of the eyebrow appear more colorful from the middle, which makes your eyebrow appear more voluminous.

You can also lighten the top and bottom of the eyebrows and darken the middle, which again makes the eyebrows appear bulky. This hat is suitable for people who have low back eyebrows and their eyebrows are facing up.

The 3D model is a little more special and takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

Eyebrow fishbone style

eyebrow hachure fishbone style

This method changes the natural shape of the eyebrows. This method is the best option to create variety in the shape of the eyebrows. This method is more suitable for slightly raised eyebrows. People who change the middle of their eyebrows can use this type of hachure. The reason for naming the razor blade is that the end of these eyebrows is very similar to the razor blade. The fans of this type of Hachure are much more than other Hachure models.

There are two types of Fishbone style:

  1. Simple Fishbone: In this method, the hair strands in the crown of the eyebrow are facing up and the strands at the end of the eyebrow are similar to each other, similar to the symbol (>).
  2. Fibrosis method: In this type of Hachure, the central point of the hatching is in the inflammation of the eyebrows and the focus of the eyebrow maker is to cut all the strands in the direction of the eyebrow inflammation.

Eyebrow light style

light eyebrow hachure

In this method, hatching is done with a dark brown color. Again, the space between the hashtag lines is highlighted with a light brown hashtag. You will need to use two needles to do eyebrow light. In this method, the dark color of the eyebrows is chosen by the person, but the light color is chosen based on the color of your skin. Your eyebrows are generally brighter in eyebrow light. Eyebrow light is suitable for people who have old tattoos or eyebrows.

Mixed style

eyebrow hachure mix

In the mixed mwtjod, the end and the beginning part of the eyebrow is shaded. This method is very attractive and natural, and as a result, the crown of the eyebrows is relatively low, but the middle and end of it are thick and dense. This model is very suitable for people who have very sparse or no eyebrows at all because it gives a very natural look to the eyebrows.

Thin style

Eyebrow Hachure model is done through the device. This method, as its name suggests, is very delicate and the lines created by Hachure are very similar to natural hair, and as a result, it gives you beautiful, thick and natural eyebrows. You can also change the original shape of the eyebrows. You can even look at each of your hair strands and ask the tattoo artist to make it longer or thicker.

Pre-Hachure care

  • To make the Hachure last longer, you should observe the following points before making the Hachure.
  • Avoid caffeine derivatives
  • Lack of cleansing and Exfoliation of the skin
  • Avoid UV exposure
  • Avoid drugs and skin irritating foods

Post-Hachure care

In Eyebrow Hachure, compatible pigments enter the skin by creating subtle surface scratches on the skin, so to prevent swelling and sensitivity of the skin, it is necessary to observe the following points. Also, these actions are the reasons for the tattoo not getting color.

  • Avoid washing your eyebrows.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight until complete recovery.
  • You can use ice packs to relieve eyebrow swelling.
  • After Hachure, apply Hachure ointment 3 times a day on the eyebrows.
  • To clean the blood, do not wipe the eyebrows tightly. With a clean cotton swab, gently wipe off excess blood and eyebrow ointment.

Durability of eyebrow hachure

Durability of eyebrow hairspray depends on the type of hairspray (hair hairspray, natural, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, etc.), materials used (type, brand and material of color), type of skin (oily, dry, normal), care for it, the tattoo artist with skill, eyebrow color and hormonal status of the person and the tools used.

For this reason, it is not possible to announce a fixed period of time for its durability, but different cases and experiences in different people generally show that eyebrow shaving by micro pigmentation method can be about a month to a year and by micro blading method about 6 months to three years.

How much does eyebrow hachure cost?

The price of Hachure varies based on the color, technique, model and device, which we will present to you in the following to some extent:

  • Hachure micro pigmentation: between 300 to 450 thousand tomans
  • Hachure Mix: between 250 to 350 thousand Tomans
  • Hachure fibrosis: between 400 to 500 thousand tomans

Problems of not eyebrows not getting color

The color depends on various factors, which are:

  • Menstruation: If you Hachure during your period, you should not expect a great job. As your hair color will not get enough color during this period.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy also takes hormones out of the normal state and is not a good time for Hachure because Hachure color does not give the desired eyebrows.
  • High levels of oil on the skin: If your skin is more oily than normal, the color of your eyebrows will not last long and your eyebrows may not get enough color in the first place.
  • Taking birth control pills: These drugs also upset the hormonal balance.
  • Low pressure eyebrows
  • Excessive hand pressure
  • Excessive light eyebrow color
  • Excessive consumption of anesthesia
  • Too much needle out
  • Heart problems and medication
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Excessively dark skin color and not showing eyebrow color

Removing eyebrow hachure

You can use home and medical methods to remove the hatch or change the eyebrow model after the hatch. We will collect how to remove hash in the next articles.

 Remove eyebrows hachure using home remedies

 Remove eyebrows hachure


In addition to its health benefits, honey can also be used to clean tattoos and eyebrows. Just mix a little honey with yogurt, organic salt and aloe Vera gel and apply this sticky mixture on the hash parts. After half an hour, wash the area with lukewarm water, and after doing this method several times, you will see the disappearance of your eyebrows.

lemon juice and salt

Salt can penetrate its sodium chloride under the skin and cleanse your skin. Lemon also has whitening properties. Mix about 100 grams of organic salt with some lemon juice and apply it on the eyebrows and use this method several times to get the desired result.

Aloe Vera gel

Mix a little aloe Vera gel or water with vitamin E and apply the paste to the eyebrows and then wash the area with lukewarm water after 40 minutes. For better results after the bath, apply this method because in these cases, the pores of your skin are open and it has enough moisture to remove the color, tattoos and hash.

Method of removing eyebrow Hachure by medical means

Special creams

There are many creams and lotion on the market to remove Hachure and eyebrow tattoos at home, the most famous of which are profade, rejuvi, wrecking balm and tattoo off.


This method is more effective than all other methods, but it is expensive and you also have to do it for more than one session for a complete result. Laser Hachure are associated with some pain and involve immune cells. These lasers use removers that are the same color as the skin. In this method, after the treatment, you will be accompanied by a little pain and stinging, but you will not have any side effects after that. If you have any skin allergies, be sure to talk to your doctor.


The use of salt water or saline should also be done by a doctor. Saline should be injected into the eyebrow. It takes about a month to 6 weeks after the injection to completely eliminate the effects of the Hachure . Fortunately, this method is cheaper than laser and will be less painful.

Plastic Surgery

This method is done by few people. In this method, they remove a layer from the Hachure or tattooed skin and replace it with other skin, and as a result, the Hachure or eyebrow tattoo disappears after the surgery.

Light therapy

This method is done by applying light to the desired location. In high-intensity phototherapy, laser-like light is applied to the eyebrows. Tattoo gel for eyebrows is also applied on the desired area. This gel reduces the pain of light therapy and increases its effectiveness. The cost of this method is relatively higher than others.

Eyebrow Hachure Models

eyebrow hachure styles

We have prepared several examples of eyebrow shading models for you. To see more, visit the Hachure Gallery and Album page we brought you.

Frequently asked questions about eyebrow hachure

Who is eyebrow hachure suitable for?

Eyebrow Hachure is suitable for people with sparse eyebrows, because this method can fill in the empty spaces between the eyebrows.

People who do not have symmetrical eyebrows can use eyebrow shading to make their eyebrows perfectly symmetrical and harmonious.

People who want full eyebrows but do not want to use methods such as tattoos that make the eyebrows artificial, it is better to choose the Hachure method.

It is also great for people who do not have the patience to do make up or use eyebrow pencils daily, but they want to always look neat and tidy.

It is also a very good option for people who have dull eyebrows.

Who should not do eyebrow Hachure?

Eyebrow shading is forbidden for some people, because it harms their health, which we will mention in this section:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: The substances used in Hachure is harmful during pregnancy for the fetus as well as during breastfeeding which affects the baby’s health.
  • Tattooing during menstruation and early menopause: Tattooing at this time will cause discoloration or improper color.
  • People taking medications such as oral or injectable corticosteroids, birth control pills, diet pills, antidepressants, acne medications such as Rakutan and a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin E, as well as anticoagulants such as aspirin.
  • People who have excessively oily skin and their skin oil is in an unbalanced state that causes the loss of tattoo color and hatch.
  • People who have had a solarium and their skin is now too dark to show any signs of Hachure.

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