Chignon training course

chignon course

an important principle in hairdressing training. Hair styling and tying is called Chignon and includes three modes: closed, open and semi-open. After training, the student should be able to provide these services properly and in a fashionable way so that the customer is completely satisfied. The beautification of hair is important, ladies beauty salon to go to parties and events after the chignon work are professionals.

Hair Chignon training course chapters

  • Familiarity with different types of hair Chignons
  • Hair brushing and hair curling training
  • Training different types of tools without tools
  • Training different types of shinion with tools
  • Chignon training with hair Chignons
  • Hair Chignons with crowns and nets
  • Hair weaving training
  • Curly hair training and hair Chignons

what skills do you have after the course?

Chignon hair is one of the cosmetic services that never goes away, so by participating in Chignon hair training courses, you can easily earn money by renting a chair in the salon at the lowest cost.
You can also use social media to advertise your work and have a high customer attraction.

Required tools for the course

Shinion training tools and equipment including hair clip, hair clip, lace, curling iron, hair model for training, ordinary fixator, strong fixator, hair glue, gel, wax, fine pin, large pin, fine hair pin, colored hair pin, serum Special, braid, synthetic hair, brush, comb, adhesive curler, hair dryer and.

It is recommended that the exercises of hair extensions training classes be done on natural hair, but if you do not have access, you can also practice the exercises for hair extensions training and hair texture training, which will be provided to you by the school.
Yes, for this course and all courses of the students' hairdressing school, a valid technical and professional degree is provided.

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