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Eyebrow And Eyelash Lift And Lamination Training Course

lift and lamination training Course

Today, women have a great desire to have natural and well-shaped and eyebrows. For this reason, the lift and laminate training course has many fans.
Eyebrow and eyelash lift means shaping the eyebrows and eyelashes, and people who have shabby or drooping eyebrows can use the lifting technique. Laminate means thickening and is suitable for people who have thin and voluminous eyelashes. In this lift and laminate training, students will get acquainted with eyelash lift and laminating, eyelash coloring and eyebrow Botox. After completing the course, students can enter the job market and earn money.

Lift And lamination training course chapters

  • Knowledge of materials and tools
  • Recognize tools and equipment
  • Recognize safety and health tips
  • Eyelash lift training
  • Eyelash lift training
  • Eyelash Botox training

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the eyebrow lift and laminating training course , the student uses various methods of eyebrow and eyebrow lift, eyebrow laminating, Botox eyebrow, Get acquainted and learns design skills and expertise in accordance with the new method.
Due to the fact that eyelash lifts and laminates need monthly repairs, the hairdresser can have regular customers for himself if he has enough skills.
You can also use social media to attract advertising and new customers.

Required tools for the course

Lifting and laminating training tools and equipment include pliers, separating rods and special brushes, special consumables for keratin, lifting and laminating, Botox, silicone pad under the eyes, remover, eyelash washing solution and various types of eyelash dyes.

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Eyebrow And Eyelash Lift And Lamination Training Course