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Eyelash Extension Training Course

eyelash-extension training course

Nowadays, women have a great desire to have long and curly eyelashes upwards. Therefore, eyelash extension training has been able to attract women hairdressers with a strong job market. In eyelash extensions, eyelashes and artificial strands made of silk or human hair are glued to the lashes using a special glue.
Students can easily enter the labor market by passing a specialized course and receiving a valid technical and professional degree and can have a good source of income from their specialty.

Eyelash Extension training course chapters

  • Familiarity with eyelash extension materials and tools
  • Tutorial and classic eyelash extension training
  • 3D eyelash extension training
  • Volume eyelash extension training
  • Velvet and doll eyelash extension training
  • Fancy and colored eyelash extension training
  • Ballage and amber eyelash extension training
  • Eyelash extension repair training

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the training course of eyelash extensions, the student gets acquainted with various methods of eyelash extensions, removing extensions, etc., and learns the skills and expertise of eyelash extensions in accordance with the new method.
Due to the fact that eyelash extensions need monthly repairs, the hairdresser can have regular clients for him if he has enough skills.
You can also use social media to attract advertising and new customers.

Required tools for the course

The tools and equipment of the eyelash extension training course include various types of eyelashes, glue and minerals, special pliers and separators, sterilizers and eye washes, glue solvent,etc.


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Eyelash Extension Training Course