Hair braiding training course

hair braiding course

In addition to its use in various ceremonies and gatherings, hair braiding is also used on a daily basis. Give your hair a new style every day by doing different weave modes and get rid of daily hair uniformity.
There are different styles for hair braiding , including French, African, wicker, etc., which a hairdresser must choose the appropriate braiding according to the client’s face and taste. Hair weaving models are becoming newer day by day, so you have to be up to date to work in this field.
By teaching hair braiding , you can work in beauty salons easily and with the lowest cost.

Haircut training course chapters

  • Prepare hair before weaving
  • Basic tissues
  • Fantasy braiding
  • Composite braiding
  • Braiding with extra hair
  • Use hair and bead decorations

what skills do you have after the course?

The student gets acquainted with different types of basic braidings , fish razor braidings, mixed braidings , etc., and learns the skills and expertise of hair weaving in accordance with the new method.
After participating in hair weaving training courses, you can easily earn money by renting a chair in the salon at the lowest cost. You can also work independently at home as you do not need specialized tools. And use social media to promote your work.

Required tools for the course

Tools and equipment for hair weaving training course include, Shenyon model, ordinary fixator, strong fixator, hair glue, gel, wax, fine pin, large pin, fine hair pin, colored hair pin, special serum, braid, brush, comb, curling iron , Hair dryer and..

It is recommended that hair braiding tutorial be done on natural hair, but if you do not have access, you can also practice on hair extensions for hair extensions, which will be provided by the school.

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Hair braiding training course