Hair brushing tutorial course

hair brushing tutorial

Hair brushing tutorial is an important principle in hairdressing in the sense of decorating and maintaining hair in order to observe the health of the hair for beauty and better use of cosmetic hair products to care for and maintain the health of the hair. Shaping, straightening, and removing frizz and frizz in the hair is called hair brushing , which includes three modes of face brushing, down brushing, and straight brushing.

Women are looking for a beauty salon with professional beauty and hair care services, including hair brushing, to go to parties and ceremonies . There are different styles for hair brushing depending on the hair height and short hair style or face shape that a working brushing should choose the appropriate brushing according to the expertise, knowledge and taste of the client to have a more attractive face and also the hair style. Be tailored to the customer’s taste.

Hair brushing tutorial course chapters

  • Observance of health and safety
  • Recognize the types of brushes for hair brushing
  • Recognize the types of professional hair dryers for hair brushing
  • Recognize the types of hair conditioners and holders
  • Hair division tutorial according to hair volume
  • Brushing tutorial to face
  • Brushing tutorial below
  • Smooth and bare brushing tutorial

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the hair brushing tutorial course, the student becomes familiar with the types of face brushing, face brushing, brushing for smoothness and و and learns the skill and expertise of choosing a brushing model according to the customer’s face shape and short hair style or hair color. .
Hair brushing is one of the most popular services in beauty salons that does not require an initial cost and a long time. You can also use social media to advertise your work and have a high customer attraction.

Required tools for the course

The tools and equipment of the hair brushing tutorial course include all kinds of screw brushes for brushing, all kinds of professional hair dryers for brushing, splints and combs, and all kinds of hair preservatives such as taffeta and mousse, two-phase spray, hair cream and.

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Hair brushing tutorial course