Hair color and mesh course (working with materials)

haircolor course

The color and mesh course consists of two parts, beginner and advanced. In the beginner course, the student gets acquainted with the basic principles of hair color, white hair coloring, rooting, mesh with hats, and also in the advanced course, the student gets acquainted with the latest color methods that include all highlights, keratin, hair straightener and special color combinations.
The students’ school provides a suitable platform for the student to enter the labor market professionally by passing educational classes and practical workshops by receiving a valid professional technical degree.
The profession of paint and mesh is one of the most lucrative branches in the field of hairdressing. By participating in advanced color and mesh training courses, one can specialize in this field.

Haircut training course chapters

  • Knowledge of color triangle and pigmentology
  • Teaching the basics of dechlorination
  • Catalog reading training
  • Hair coloring and hair coloring training
  • Training mesh with cap and mesh with foil
  • ombre and sombre hair training and hair balayage
  • Teach root color and white hair color
  • Hair color removal tutorial
  • Hair Vitamin Training
  • Hair curling training
  • Hair keratin training
  • Introducing the brand and tools
  • Glossing
  • parsonage
  • Filtration
  • Acid therapy
  • Immediate patina
  • Root contrast
  • The shadow root technique
  • Pigment analysis
  • Complete light and dechlorination repair
  • Airtach and Amber
  • Light Ballage and Chanky Light

what skills do you have after the course?

After participating in hair color training courses, you can easily earn money by renting a chair in the salon at the lowest cost.
You can also use social media to advertise your work and have a high customer attraction.

Required tools for the course

Hair color training tools and equipment include combs, round brushes, paint bowls, paint brushes, clips, hooks, curlers, majors, disposable towels, disposable aprons, disposable paint caps, paint protectors, aluminum foil or mesh suites Mesh hat, hair conditioner, neutral shampoo, alkaline shampoo, vitamins, temporary colors, permanent, semi-permanent, hair dryer, hat dryer, dechlorination powder, decoupage powder, remover and.

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Hair color and mesh course (working with materials)