Hair extension training course

hairextension course

Hair extensions include adding natural or artificial hair in different lengths to a person’s hair and creating a light or mesh between the hair. To do this, the dyed hair is extended to the customer’s desired area.
Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your lifestyle so have fun and treat yourself.
Hair extension training can be one of the most lucrative items for your beauty salon.

Hair extension training course chapters

  • Recognize tools and tools for hair extensions
  • Hair extensions with natural hair
  • Install hair extensions with keratin glue
  • Hair extensions with synthetic hair
  • Install hair extensions with rims
  • Install hair extensions with rims
  • Thermal connection and hair stitching
  • Hair restoration and remodeling training

what skills will you have after the course?

After passing the hair extension training course , the student gets acquainted with various extension methods, removing extensions and و and learns the skills and expertise of hair extensions in accordance with the new method.
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Required tools for the Hair extension course

Hair extension training tools and equipment include the types of hair used in hair extensions, hair irons, hair separators, types of keratin pellets, types of extension chips, hair protectors, creatine glue, rings, clips, thermal glue and so on

All the costs related to hair extension training course are mentioned in the table located at middle of this page.
Yes, all the sessions hold practically, but it should be mentioned that all practical parts of the course firstly done by the mentor and then students take turns under the mentor’s observation just in case the volunteers’ hair is not sensitive or damaged.
items needed for hair extension training course include natural and artificial hair extensions, clips and clips, keratin glue and rings and rings and etc.
if you do not have a real model to work with you can use chignon moulage instead.
Yes, for the students who work full-time, the classes hold mostly at the weekends.
Yes, the classes are too flexible that each student can join. We offer online education as well.
For the public classes, it usually takes 2 weeks, but it should be mentioned that for students from different cities private classes held online and intensively.

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Hair extension training course