Hair keratin training course

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Hair keratin training is one of the newest and most specialized hairdressing training courses that the professional technical organization holds its courses.
The beauty and health of hair is one of the most important issues among women, which today with the increase of hairdressing and hairdressing services and hair damage of most women due to hair color or excessive hair brushing has become very popular. To the extent that this has made hair keratin one of the most lucrative jobs in the field of hairdressing today.

Hair keratin training course chapters

  • introduction of materials and tools
  • Hair keratin training
  • Training different types of filter keratin and reduction
  • Hair rebonding training
  • Protein therapy training
  • Botox hair training
  • Plex therapy training
  • Hydrated training and hair therapy
  • teaching nanosteam machine
  • Introduction of materials and tools
  • Teaching the correct principles of keratin
  • Proper training of hair ironing
  • Hot and cold keratin training
  • Keratin aftercare training

what skills do you have after the course?

After passing the hair keratin training course, the student gets acquainted with various tools and consumables in hair keratin. Also, various hair keratin methods are trained in hair straightening lines and damaged hair regeneration.

Required tools for the course

Hair keratin training tools and equipment, including shampoos and masks before and after hair keratin, types of combs and brushes, special holders and caps, types of hair straighteners for hair keratin, types of hair keratin materials in different applications of hair straightening and revitalization And….


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Hair keratin training course