Henna Design Training Course

henna design course

Nowadays, with the increase of different designs and roles of henna and its very close resemblance to tattoo designs, people prefer to use henna design. in this case, the skin is less damaged and also design costs are lower. Therefore, henna design is welcomed by many people and an acceptable market is predicted for it. Students offer the latest designs and methods to teach henna design on the body.

Henna design tutorial course chapters

  • Observance of health and safety
  • Prepare and manufacture consumables
  • Cleansing the skin
  • Using the henna material on the body
  • Create a design on the body
  • Drying the henna design
  • Funnel design

What skills do you have after the course?

After participating in henna design training courses, the student gets acquainted with various henna designs, working with pens and stencils, and learns design skills and expertise in accordance with the new method.
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Required tools for the course

Henna design tools and equipment include epilator, plastic stencil, plastic brush, medium plastic bowl, paper stencil, picture magazine with different designs, cotton, alcohol, wipes, funnel, henna and so on…


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Henna Design Training Course