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Makeup Training Course

makeup training course

makeup is a profession that teaches the correct use of skin cosmetics for makeup in order to beautify, care, maintain the freshness and health of facial skin.
One of the most widely used services in beauty salons is makeup . Due to the fact that makeup are time consuming and women do not have enough time for their face make-up, they prefer to go to make-up artists and pay a lot of money for make-up. Students can easily enter the labor market by passing a specialized course and receiving a valid professional technical degree and can have a good source of income from their specialty.

Makeup training course chapters

  • Skin cleansing training to balance
  • Familiarity with the types of face shapes and makeup suitable for it
  • Training in infrastructure and catering and all types of phones
  • Training different types of eye shadows to fit the shape of the face
  • Nose and chin makeup training tailored to the type of face
  • Eyebrow makeup training fits the shape of the face
  • Teaching different types of eyeliner and temporary eyelashes
  • Lip makeup training tailored to the type of face
  • Makeup fix tutorial
  • Teaching the child self makeup and others makeup and face painting

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the makeup training course , the student gets acquainted with different skin types, skin cleansing, different face forms and face balancing according to the type of face, self makeup and cartoon character building of the child, Takes.
You can have a job in makeup salons or open your own makeup salon.

Required tools for the course

Required tools for Makeup training course are moisturizer, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, shadow, eyebrow pencil, apron and head amendment, cotton gloves, , primer, brushes, palette of cream, Contour palettes, brush, etc. Also needed cleansing tools include face mask, argan oil, caviar, scrub, cotton, etc.


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Makeup Training Course