Manicure and pedicure training course

manicure and pedicure training course online

Manicure and pedicure means decorating and trimming fingernails and toenails in order to maintain hygiene.
Since manicure and pedicure, especially pedicure, is a treatment course, they are very popular in beauty salons and spas.
After receiving a technical and professional degree, you can easily enter the labor market and earn money.

Manicure and pedicure training course chapters

Wet manicure:

  • Introducing materials and tools and avoiding proper nail extensions
  • Perfect wet manicure
  • Hand massage
  • How to apply gel polish and top cut


  • Introduction of tools and materials
  • Wet pedicure
  • Work with foot scrub
  • Foot massage
  • The correct way to scrape the sole of the foot

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the manicure and pedicure training course , the student gets acquainted with repairing dead skin around the nails and shorts and trimming the nails, strengthening the nails and peeling the skin of the hands and feet and و and fits the skills and expertise of manicure and pedicure . Learns with the new method.

Required tools for the course

Tools and equipment for manicure and pedicure training course include all kinds of masks and peelers for hands and feet, all kinds of nail filers and pliers, nail strengthening oils, buffers and polishes, electric razors, etc.


This course has a downloadable source via an application installed on your computer or smartphones so then you can download and watch it offline.
Yes of course, once you finished the course and feel ready to take the exam you are able to request an exam schedule from your account. On the exam day, you would have a face-to-face conversation with the tutor that you should answer tutor's questions.
Right after the completion of the course and verifying your knowledge by the tutor you will be given your digital certificate.
You can complete your payment by Direct bank transfer as well as cryptocurrencies like tether.
Right after the completion of your payment you will be provided with the course resources to begin the course.
Although you will be given a life-time valid certification, every three years you will have to take an exam.
No there are not any requirements.
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It is easy you just need to drop the course in your cart then complete the process of payment. You can also read the instruction guide ( ) which takes you step by step from booking to downloading the the course
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Manicure and pedicure training course