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Micropigmentation Training Course

micropigmentation training Course

Micropigmentation or permanent makeup is widely used in facial makeup such as eyebrows, hairline, lips and eyes and has been considered by women because of its comfort.
Due to the interest of women in having a beautiful appearance all day, micropigmentation has many fans, and by having a valid technical and professional degree, you can easily continue your activities in this field and earn money.

Microblading tutorial course chapters

  • Eyebrow design, eyeliner, eyelash liner, lip liner
  • Eyebrow and eyeliner symmetry
  • Pre-micropigmentation preparation steps
  • Design training with micropigmentation
  • Teach a variety of permanent makeup colors
  • Teaching a variety of micropigmentation techniques
  • Micropigmentation training without bleeding
  • Micropigmentation repair training

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the micropigmentation training course, the student learns how to use the device and in addition, the appropriate hand movements, how to draw the initial design on the skin and how to choose the pigment, and learn the skills and expertise of micropigmentation in accordance with the new method. Takes. Then, by obtaining a valid professional technical degree, he can enter the labor market.
You can also use social media to attract advertising and new customers.

Required tools for the course

The tools and equipment of the micropigmentation training course are micropigmentation machine, special needles, special color for micropigmentation tattoos, anesthetic ointment and..
Important Note: In the micropigmentation training course, general equipment pack will be provided for free.

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Micropigmentation Training Course