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Self Makeup Training Course

self makeup training Course

Self Makeup and removing its appearance defects, according to the social situation, age and… that is done by the person himself (instead of being done by the makeup artist) is called self makeup . Self Makeup training course is an important principle in facial beauty training. Today, with the increasing interest of women in beauty, having a simple and tidy face has been important. You can easily save money on makeup by taking Self Makeup Training Courses.
Also, work as a teacher in makeup schools by receiving a valid technical and professional degree.

Self Makeup design tutorial course chapters

  • Familiarity with the shape of your face
  • Balancing different components of the face
  • Learn to design eyebrows to fit the shape of your face
  • Learn to draw eyeliner that fits your face shape
  • Complete installation of artificial eyelashes
  • Learn eye shadow to fit your eye shape

What skills do you have after the course?

After participating in the Self Makeup Training Course , the student gets acquainted with the way of makeup and make-up on his face and learns the skill and expertise of Self makeup in accordance with the new method. Then, by obtaining a valid professional technical degree, he can work as a teacher.
You can also use social media to advertise your work and have a high customer attraction.

Required tools for the course

Self makeup tools and equipment include liquid, solid, eyeliner, oily, dry, semi-oily, oily eye pencil, powder blush, greasy, palette lipstick, lipstick, liquid, lip gloss, liquid, colored mascara Comb, moisturizing cream, skin cleanser, cleanser, liquid lotions, zero and one eyeliner pen, lip liner, lipstick , etc.


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Self Makeup Training Course