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The skin cleansing training course includes analyzing the skin structure, preparing the client’s skin, cleansing different skin types, post-cleansing care and applying a face mask. Today, one of the main factors in makeup is having clear skin.
The students’ school provides a suitable platform for the student to enter the labor market professionally by passing educational classes and practical workshops by receiving a valid professional technical degree.
After getting a professional technical degree, you can work in hairdressers, clubs, massage centers and spas. Also, start your own business by renting a chair.

In the video below you can see a brief preview of the course


Haircut training course chapters

  • Acid therapy
  • Introduction and recognition of different types of acids
  • Effects of acid on the skin
  • Indication and contraindication
  • Peeling with acid
  • Care after acid therapy
  • Facials with functional devices
  • Cleansing, nourishing, treating, massaging, closing pores
  • Facial massage to increase blood flow
  • Light therapy, hydrodermabrasion, mini-hypo
  • Types of masks and their application
  • Understand the structure and layers of the skin
  • Know the types of skin and care for each skin
  • Surface cleaning training with various detergents
  • Deep cleansing and peeling training with different scrubs
  • Peeling cleansing training with microdermabrasion device
  • Water supply and collagen making training with hot and cold incense
  • Facial massage training to increase blood flow
  • Collagen training and rejuvenation training with a variety of face masks
  • Learning to make a variety of herbal and organic masks

what skills do you have after the course?

After passing the skin cleansing training course, the student gets acquainted with different types of skin cleansing, types of skin, facial massage, face incense, face mask, etc., and learns the cleansing skills and expertise in accordance with the new method. Then, by obtaining a valid professional technical degree, he can enter the labor market.
You can also use social media to advertise your work and have a high customer attraction.

Required tools for the course

The tools and equipment of the facial skin cleansing training course include hot and cold fumigation device, microdermabrasion device, all kinds of masks and scrubs, cleansing pads, aprons, towels, all kinds of lotions and moisturizers, cleansers and cleansing toners, and so on.

Skin cleansing training course’s teacher

Mrs.Mahnaz Mohammadi

mahnaz mohammadi

  • Master of Civil Engineering from Zanjan University
  • Certificate of management skills from the country’s vocational technical education organization
  • Certificate of pedagogy and coaching skills from the country’s vocational technical education organization
  • Paint and mesh coaching skills certificate from the country’s professional technical education organization
  • Certificate of skin cleansing coaching skills from the country’s professional technical education organization
  • Certificate of makeup and grooming coaching skills from the country’s professional technical education organization
  • Certificate of make-up and make-up coaching skills from the country’s professional technical education organization
  • Certificate of short coaching and haircut skills from the country’s professional technical education organization
This course has a downloadable source via an application installed on your computer or smartphones so then you can download and watch it offline.
Yes of course, once you finished the course and feel ready to take the exam you are able to request an exam schedule from your account. On the exam day, you would have a face-to-face conversation with the tutor that you should answer tutor's questions.
Right after the completion of the course and verifying your knowledge by the tutor you will be given your digital certificate.
You can complete your payment by Direct bank transfer as well as cryptocurrencies like tether.
Right after the completion of your payment you will be provided with the course resources to begin the course.
Although you will be given a life-time valid certification, every three years you will have to take an exam.
No there are not any requirements.
Mahsaan school as an active and up-to-date institute in different realms of makeup has too many successful students which you can read their reviews on every course page. In Addition, not only our makeup tutors have been teaching for long years, but also have been working in the industry for years which it has brought a special benefits for Mahsaan school in comparison to other make-up institution.
It is all about self-paced study and no matter how long does it take to complete the course.
It is easy you just need to drop the course in your cart then complete the process of payment. You can also read the instruction guide ( ) which takes you step by step from booking to downloading the the course
since our Direct bank transfer is for a real person you should not be worried too much about that on the other hand, you can pay courses by cryptocurrencies like Tether which you will be given discounts.
A great benefit that Mahsaan school offers to all students is the updates of each course which is given to you life time with no costs.

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Skin cleansing training course