Waxing Tutorial Course

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Waxing is the process of removing excess body hair using a tool such as wax. Students can enter the job market by passing practical workshops, gaining experience and expertise by receiving a valid professional technical degree.
Waxing Tutorial Course is one of the most popular makeup training items that can earn a good income. You can also have salons for cleansing the skin and waxing.

Waxing tutorial course chapters

  • removing excess hair with wax
  • Making herbal and traditional wax
  • Preparation of waxes (cold, hot and permanent)
  • Facial waxing and depilation training
  • Upper torso hair removal training
  • Body and leg hair removal training
  • Hair removal training for sensitive parts of the skin
  • Post-waxing care training with oil and lotion
  • Using ice pack or hot water bag after hair removal

What skills do you have after the course?

After passing the waxing training course, the student gets acquainted with different types of wax, face wax and… by correcting excess hair, and learns the skills and expertise of waxing in accordance with the new method. Then, by obtaining a valid professional technical degree, he can enter the labor market.
They can also do this professionally by establishing waxing centers .

Required tools for the course

Waxing tools and equipment include spatulas, disposable towels, herbal hydrating creams, disposable bed covers, disposable roll waxing pads, disposable covers, burn ointment, disposable gold leaf, baby powder, woven fabric, Disposable apron, tissue paper, disposable wax container and..


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Waxing Tutorial Course